How To Choose The Right LED Bulbs For Your VW Passat (2012-2019)

by Lasift Official February 22, 2021

How To Choose The Right LED Headlights Bulbs For Your VW Passat (2012-2016)

There's more than one thing you need to know to equip your Volkswagen Passat with improved light bulbs. The last thing anyone wants is to spend money on a new set of light bulbs only to discover they’re far from what you wished. That happens to all of us more often than we would like.
The reason is, because the marketplace is flooded with thousands of bulb options. If you decide to go LED, which we highly recommend, then you have to scan through tons of brands and LED bulb designs.

How do you find the right LED bulb for your VW Passat?
How do you avoid spending money on a poor quality product?
What are the important factors you should be looking for?

Those are some of the questions we will answer in this article. Our goal is for you to know what to look for when you decide to upgrade your halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. Knowing how to choose the right LED bulbs for your VW passat is important. Let’s go over a few of the must-know features.


1. The first feature on the checklist is to ensure the LED bulb you purchase has the type of power output you’re searching for.

There are many different types of LED bulbs, and they all come in various power outputs. Some have a few LED chips per bulb, and others have over 10 LED chips per bulb. Some are terrible and less bright than OEM halogen bulbs, while others are comparable to powerful HID bulbs. The choice is yours to make.
The important thing to know is there’s a difference. More LED chips doesn’t equal a brighter light beam. The design is the most important aspect in light beam brightness, so try to find videos and reviews from actual customers.


2. The second item to keep an eye out for is the beam pattern

Every LED bulb brand claims their bulb has a great beam pattern, because they're using the latest trick. But, that's far from the truth. Before you purchase an LED bulb, search the web to find actual footage of an effective light beam pattern.
Creating an LED bulb with a usable light beam pattern takes testing and development. If the brand you're interested in didn't put in the effort, then the bulb will likely leave you unimpressed once you test them out at night.
A bright bulb doesn't always translate to a good light beam pattern. There are some bulbs out there with tons of LED chips on the bulb. They look great in your hand, but when inside a reflector style light housing, all those chips do very little to create a usable light beam pattern with a sharp cutoff line.
The cutoff line is important because that's what determines whether your bulbs will light up the road or cause glare for oncoming traffic. Look for an LED bulb with a beam pattern that produces a sharp cutoff line. Also, get an LED bulb with a focused light hotspot. That translates well on the road.


3. The third item to look out for is the installation process, and fitment.

What is the installation process? What other parts do you need to get the LED bulb properly installed in your VW Passat? Imagine finding an LED bulb that meets all the above requirements, but is ultimately too difficult for you to install. There are LED bulbs like that out on the market. We recommend staying away from them. Those types of LED bulbs will require you to purchase separate parts or modify the existing OEM parts. Either way, that’s more work than should be necessary.

Lasfit has a great solution for VW Passat owners. We created the Lasfit Pro Series G2 LED bulb for the 2012-2019 Volkswagen Passat. We know, you’re probably thinking we’re being biased, but it really is the best solution out on the market. Do the research yourself, and you’ll see. Our LED bulb offers the light beam and light beam pattern you want for your VW Passat.

And, check out how easy the installation is right here

How is it so easy to install, you might be wondering? Because it comes equipped with the correct retainer adapter. You don’t need to buy a separate part anywhere else, or modify your OEM retainer adapter. All that’s unnecessary with the Lasfit Pro Series G2 LED bulb.
If you’re ready to check out the LED bulb for yourself, you can do that right here: 

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