Lasfit Vehicle Floor Liners Outdoor 13 DAYS CHALLENGE

by us cs February 17, 2021

Lasfit Vehicle Floor Liners Outdoor 13 DAYS CHALLENGE

Today’s topic we are going to see how durable and easy it is to clean Lasfit car floor liners during a 13-day outdoor video test period.

We wanted to show how Lastfits Car floor liners can withstand a 13-day period and still be usable after an easy clean, so we plan on doing the most in potentially

On the first day, we get the floor liner dirty by dropping different liquids and debris. Particularly things that you would normally have in the car that would potentially fall plus more. Dropping mud, dirt, ketchup, mayonnaise then mixing it all in water.

We then left our floor liner out in 100 plus degree weather for the next couple days so that the mixture of substances can be melted and harden together. Basically, trying to mimic the worst-case scenario.


Day 3:

After the 3rd day, the floor liner was starting to looking crusty but was still moist in some places. The mixture of crust had an almost crust like layer over the floor liner and Lasfit logo. No smell was emitting from it as well

Day 4:

On the 4th day, the moist of the floor liner was clearly evaporating and was looking more brownish

Day 6:

On the 6th day the moistness evaporated entirely but noticed our floor liners has been keeping the dirt/mud intact onto the patterns, which is a good sign because it means in any instances that you drop or carry over dirt/mud onto your car you can rely on these floor liners to protect them

Day 10:

On the 10th day it was looking absolutely disgusting, crusty like but still no smell.

Day 13:

The day we finally clean the floor liner. It was looking like a swamp like mold on top of the floor liner, waiting for us to clean it.

Cleaning Is Easy As 1,2,3:

It was literally so easy to clean the floor liners. All you need is a dirty floor liner and a water hose; a pressure water hose is ideal but a regular can do just fine.

You just point the water hose onto the layer of contaminants on the floor liner and you’ll see how easy it is to wash away. There may be some of the layer that doesn’t fall off right away but only because it’s so trapped in the channels and tractions patterns of the floor liner. In those instances, you will just need to redirect the water flow in that concreted area, and It should wash away.

Say you are done washing your floor liner, but you don’t have a towel to clean the water off, no need to worry our floor liners are one of the fastest self-drying floor liners out in the market.

Final Verdict

We put our floor liners to the test and saw how durable they are when we placed multiple containments and left it out in the burning 100-degree sun. the containments made a crust like layer on top of the floor liner, and it never once fell off the floor liner. Then washing the dirty floor liner was fairly easy even after 13 days,and no distortion and fading. This is because of our very durable material100% pure regenerated Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material, which has outstanding thermal properties and material stability combined with our traction and channel patterns which keeps the containments on the floor liner and away from your car floor.

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