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How to choose the RIGHT Car floor mats?: Lasfit traction controlled compared to other floor mats

by Lasfit Official February 10, 2021

How to choose the RIGHT Car floor mats?: Lasfit traction controlled compared to other floor mats

        When buying a floor mat or floor liners many take in consideration of the aesthetic look, feel, and function of the floor liner. While many just want a more aesthetic look to fit their vehicles over all look, many neglect why floor mats were first made. Floor mats are the only thing separating your feet from the flooring in your vehicle. Without this crucial layer of protection, your interior floor is vulnerable to friction created by your feet and any debris that find its way inside. Floor mats also protect against spilled liquids or mud, which can lead to mold and stains if left unchecked. Then we see some on message boards saying ‘What floor mats won’t have my feet slipping while I drive?”, well, we will redirect and shed some light on our innovating technology used by Lasfit TPE car floor mats, and how we can help you on traction, and factory retention control

How we acquire the Perfect Custom Fit for performance.

        We use 3D real vehicle screening technology to capture every corner and crevice to make sure it fits perfectly from edge to edge from different and specific vehicles. Offering maximum coverage to protect your vehicles floor. Lastfit floor mats are made of 100% pure regenerated Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) materiel.  Put through the Injection molding making technique, which uses state of the art steel for grid ding and shaping the material into the preferred shape, as its injected by the ‘TPE’ molted material by heat, then having the mold cooled and solidified. This allows us to manipulate the shape of our floor liners, making certain parts thicker or thinner for driving feet accommodations. We also have better control in how our channels or layers and textures are made for the final product.

Our Competitors.

        Whereas compared to our other competitors who don’t use our innovating technology when producing car floor mats. Normally they don’t use 3D screening technology so most of their times their car floor liners don’t fit perfectly from edge to edge, and often have the same build for multiple cars and never changing their design. Traditional vehicle floor mats are made from obsolete materials like PVC, recycled rubber, synthetic OPT, Nylon Fiber and artificial leather. These materials are often hard in texture which can cause slippage because they won’t firmly mold to your vehicles floor overtime. Even the way they are made through vacuum forming, which is normally used to package products is outdated. Using sheets of plastic which is heated to ‘form temperature’, then stretch onto a single mold and forced against a mold by a vacuum. This process makes it hard to manipulate the floor liner, as in textures and pattern controls, and you can’t make certain parts thicker and thinner where needed.

How That Affects Our Experience with Car Floor Mats.

Now, that we have seen how car floor mats are made, both Lasfit and our competitors, you’ll see it very much does affect the factory retention and traction combability for car floor mats on your car floor. Having the proper materials and forming capabilities can greatly improve in how you experience floor mats. Now one of the reasons you are choosing a floor mat is because it retains an actually stays on the car floor, now Lasfit has you covered there, here’s why.


Our TPE material when formed, cooled and finished, creates a non-slip material that provides the proper friction for your feet to have a good throttle capability and brake control ability when needed. We have a stiffened locker and factory retention devices to keep our liners in tacked and securely placed. Factory retention devices are basically small, precisely design holes that are made for your floor mats to be hooked on hooks/small knobs, that your car comes with, some but not all vehicles are equipped with these. Basically, the small knobs fit into a hole in the factory mats to secure them and keep them from sliding on the car floor around when entering/exiting or pressing on the gas or break paddle. Our liners will not hinder the mobility of the feet of the driver.


Our Floor mats have deep complex, rugged texture channel patterns combined with professional surface texture that offer you the best quality for your dollar. Those complex channels not only traps debris and liquid from reaching your car floor but they actually help in the traction control capability. Those instances where you have to make a sudden shift with your feet and press the brake or gas pedal, you don’t want a floor mat that’s constantly slipping underneath you, is a safety hazard for you and anybody in the vehicle. Our 3D real vehicle screen technology always plays a huge part in this process as they find the perfect fit, from edge to edge and with even extra support so the floor liners edges don’t curl inward which can be detrimental for the same safety reasons.


Being an all seasons and all-weather car floor liner, which means they are stain resistant, waterproof, and yes even anti-slip. Lasfit floor mats not being able to break down in extreme weather conditions from rain, snow, mud and heat, because of its high- quality material that won’t curl inward or deform because of different weather conditions. while all still giving top tier performance is something very few floor mats offer.

Take a look at our video we made for our YouTube channel.

        where we put to test, our Lasfit all-weather floor liner against various floor liners and floor mats with different materials like your generic carpet material, rubber material, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride material) material, Hybrid composite material and even a knock off Hybrid composite TPE material. In our video, we test all the floor liners / floor mats on a traction boot test. In which we place a heavy boot on a floor liner then place it on a box that is diagonal. That way we can see how with the weight of the shoe and gravity affects or holds up against our foot traction test. It’s no surprise to us that Lastfit outperformed them all, having barely moved at all because of our traction pattern creating friction whenever the gravity would try to bring it down. Now you would think the hybrid TPE composite or the Hybrid composite would be a close second but that’s not the case. The rubber material actually came second now the followed by the hybrid composite and hybrid TPE, and I believe it was because of their material and how it was built. Not having different pattern channels, the composites has a very flat surface that causes no fortification when going against it where you normally place your feet, which is a safety hazard. PVC and the generic carpet brand came last because of their extremely smooth surface they have. Since we did mention that we make “All Weather Floor liners” which means for different weather conditions so we did a second test, drenching each floor liner in water so we can see how the floor liners do in wet conditions. It wasn’t to much surprised that Lasfit floor liner was still on top showing tremendous results and showing off its traction capabilities in super wet conditions whereas every other floor liner struggled deeply, expect for one. One floor mat that went from last to second was the generic carpet brand, while it did hold up against keeping the floor line up intact, the floor mat was extremely soggy after the test where as Lasfit’s was able to dry very quickly

         Lasfit Car floor liners are the most advanced and versatile in the automotive industry. Having the proper traction and factory retention control in all types of season’s and weather conditions, while still performing and keeping you safe from foot and car floor slippage even when wet is something everyone should look for in a floor mats or floor liners.


What are Floor Mats/liners?

    A floor mat is a carpet protection accessory and is mostly made of carpeting matter to match your car's floor covering. Moreover, many are made of long-lasting plastic or rubber to withstand the wear and tear, and to brush off dirt, snow, and water to shield the interior. You can easily detach them for cleaning and replacement.

What are the benefits of having Floor  Mats/liners?

    A high-quality customized floor mat has the ability to splendidly enhance your car's interior. Therefore, adding new mats is a pocket-friendly way to elevate the appearance of your machine on wheels, besides having an added comfort. Moreover, they safeguard your automobile’s interior from debris and everyday wear and tear, thereby preserving the value of your car. Lastly, the driver’s side floor mats protect the shoes by absorbing dirt and moisture.

What is a customized-fit floor mat?

    A customized fit floor mat is designed to conform precisely to your vehicle's floor contour and specifications. Also, such floor mats may or may not be same as the OEM mats depending on the manufacturer.


What’s The Difference Between Floor liners and Floor mats?

    Most of us use the terms floor liners and floor mats interchangeably, without realizing that there is a noteworthy difference between them. A floor mat is engineered with deep pockets, ridges, and channels and lays flat along the car floors. It can hold  liquid, thereby covering your accidental spill. Lasfit floor mats are ideal if you have a young family prone to a lot of spilling. A floor liner has tall outer edges that splendidly contour to the sides of the vehicle’s floorboards. Moreover, it comes stocked with nibbed backing, which makes sure that irrespective of the passengers’ movement, your floor liner doesn’t move an inch. It’s the perfect defense against work-boots.

External links:

    Wikipedia: Injection molding; Vacuum forming; Thermoplastic elastomer

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