Are Car Floor liners worth it?

by Lasfit Official February 10, 2021

Are Car Floor liners worth it?

Are Car Floor liners worth it?

 So you got your first car, and your excited to take on the road and ride onto the sunset. So you’re thinking of buying an air freshener to elongate that new car smell, or you want to buy new LED lights for your vehicle or you want to simply tint your windows,  or perhaps you got an older car and you want to buy it a new Bluetooth radio. What you should get are Car Floor Liners. “Car floor liners? aren’t they just call car floor mats? How much do these floor mats cost? Floor liners just keep your car floor clean right? Are Car Floor liners worth it?” The answer is absolutely.

 First we address the floor mat and floor liner debate. When first going out and buying protection for your floor you’ll most likely come across two different wordings: floor mats and floor liners, and it’s important to know the difference. Floor mats are just that: flat pieces of rubber (or rubber-like material), carpet, or some combination of the two. Floor liners are custom fit to the shape and contours of the footwells for a specific make and model of a vehicle, and they have a lip or walls around the sides to help trap big spills and debris from going onto the car floor. So, for long term, car floor liners are the way to go.

 “What can floor liners do for me?”

Car floor liners are an automotive interior accessory which have 4 main functions.

Waterproof, Dust proof, isolation Pollution and Noise Reduction. These four functions can help your cars floor in the long run, because with daily consistent use you can damage your vehicles floor and floor liners are the answer to that problem. Cleaning your floor liners is a lot easier and cheaper than cleaning your car floor which can be pricy as it ranges from $2000 and $3000 dollars. Now why wouldn’t you go for the cheaper option? You see, here are some of the things that we, here at Lasfit and our floor liners can do for you.

 Replacing car floors is pricey

For example, we did say its cost effective to replace your car floor, right? Say you are selling your car and the buyer looks at your car floor and they start noticing at how disgusting and hideous it looks, they’ll start wanting to bargain with you to lower the price down. Then you’ll start looking at replacing your car floor to bring up the value of the car, but you see that it ranges extremely high ($2000-$3000). That wouldn’t happen if you had floor liners to protect them as its super easy to clean them all you need is a water hose and within a minute you can clean them. Replacing your car floor takes money and time and if you had the proper floor liners you would even reduce your car maintenance on your vehicles floor.

 For your safety

Floor liners help you drive comfortably on the road as well. When driving, especially in long drives, the noise and vibrations coming from your vehicle’s engine and wheels can cause fatigue and cause drivers to feel sleepy at the wheel. Whenever a vehicle is running, it emits steady vibrations at a low frequency and those small sudden tiny movements can make those who are well rested and healthy feel fatigue/sleepy. Our floor liners act as a layer of defense against those low noise and vibrations from drowning you in a sleep state. And that’s because of our 100% pure regenerated Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) materiel, which reduces noise and vibrations because it distills them to the floor liner.

 Not only do they protect you from potential safety hazard of ‘falling asleep on the wheel’, but they performed other forms of safety as well. The bottom of your shoes is most likely to have snow, rock, mud and water which you bring onto your car floor, which can hinder your ability to press down on the accelerator and brake pedal. That’s a safety hazard, you want to be able to press down on both pedals freely without having to worry about water, mud or rocks making you slip or stopping you to make possible life changing decisions. The high-quality pad keeps all that in the soles of the channel so when you have time you can, again easily clean them off.

 For your Health !

Speaking on the soles of the quality pad, our floor liner also protects your health! the soles of your shoes bring in dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria and other harmful diseases and dioxins that can be harmful for your respiratory system. Regular floor mats don’t have the proper fit and contouring and channels in the middle and on the sides to keep those harmful life-threatening diseases on the mat, whereas ours keep them intact on the floor liner until you are ready to clean. Now if you just has those regular floor mats from your corner store, and those allergens got onto your car floor, overtime with prolong exposure to those harmful diseases and dioxins and also with those cheap floor mat material, in such a close environment can be detrimental to your health and by inhaling all that can affect you and your family’s respiratory system.

 Floor liners in your car might not seem that important, but they’re the best protection device for your vehicles floor. They keep the actual floor of your car safe from damage. It can help your cars resale value, and keep your car looking and feeling nice which prevents you from feeling fatigue and sleepy on the wheel. Also protects and maintains your health especially during times like this. Now the question is ‘When will I get a Lasfit floor liners for my car.

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