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Lasfit Vehicle Floor Liners Spill Cleaning & Dry Test

by Lasfit Official February 22, 2021

Lasfit Vehicle Floor Liners  Spill Cleaning & Dry Test


    We’ve been seeing some message boards online saying “Lasfit floor liners look like they hold on to liquids or food when dropped on them” and “They are basically the same as your regular rubber floor mats”. Well, here we will introduce how Lastfit floor liners do indeed hold on to multiple containments and not let them spill onto the car floor, but not just that we will also show how fast they dry up after washing and cleaning them compared to different material floor liners/ floor mats.


    If you would like to see the YouTube video of the test you can watch it by clicking the link below:


    So like we said for this test we didn’t just want to use our floor liners, but different floor liners and floor mats made from different materials. The different floor liner materials are some we have spoken about in the past and they are: Lasfit’s TPE material, Generic brand material, Rubber material, PVC material, Hybrid composite material and Hybrid composite TPE material. We mixed a container with the following;

 Instant coffee crumbs


Granola bar




    It turned into a brownish solute mixture of darken water and debris. We than poured containments into six containers till it We were then ready to commence the spillage test.

    When pouring the liquid containment onto the Hybrid composite TPE material we did notice that it was holding onto the floor liner and just the floor liner itself. Not making any spillage but it wasn’t because of the traction patterns, it was because at the ends and sides of the floor liners are curved upward which holds anything that falls inside actually stays inside. The same goes for the Hybrid composite material, its outer edges are high and it keeps the containment from spilling, but without those really high outer edges both composites materials would definitely spill because they rarely have any traction patterns or small pockets to keep things in hold, they are mostly smooth surfaces on the floor liner.


    It is the complete opposite for the rubber material. What both composite TPE and hybrid composite was in lacking traction and channel patterns, is where the rubber was not. It has multiple deep rugged liners going in different directions which is good for instant impact and can keep certain amount on the floor liner, but the outer layers aren’t contoured upwards like the composites floor liner. Which can be detrimental to your car floor as the containments will slowly slide off.


    The PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) was by far the worst performance in the test. First of all, being a material that is basically just a see-through plastic, it has the containments slipping immediately off from the floor liner on impact. The plastic-like floor liner, being flat all the way round, does not have the outer layers that contour up like a cup/bowl to keep the liquids and debris intact.

    Next is the generic brand material that we tested and probably the grossest one of them all. Their material is a combination of rubber material in the bottom and fur on top where you place your feet. When pouring the containments, the liquid stayed in place but only because of the fur would soak it up but for the falling debris it was bouncing off. Even over a couple minutes the liquid that was soaked into the fur was slowly releasing overtime.

    The floor liner that performed the best in this test was no surprised Lasfits. Lasfits Floor liner has both traction/ channel pattern capability to trap liquids and debris in small pockets and redirect  those paths away from falling and hitting your floor. They don’t have the highest contour edges like the two composites but still has enough to hold large quantities of the containment material. Now you can say ‘Isn’t having larger contour better than having a smaller one?’ well you can assume that but depending on the material, those outer layers can fold into the liner through different weather temperatures like cold winters. As for Lasfits floor liner, this is not the case and that’s because of our very durable material100% pure regenerated Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material, which the durability sufficient in all-weather types. It won’t fold in cold temperatures all while still having its intact functions that make it superior.

    Now after we cleaned the floor liners with water hoses, we set them down and waited to see which one would dry the fastest. After 30 minutes our findings showed us that Lasfits floor liner was the most dry out of them all, following both the composite materials were fairly dry or on its way to become dry. The PVC and generic brand fur material was the worst as they did not dry up and all and the fur like material floor liner was just dripping water the more time went on



What are Floor Mats/liners?

    A floor mat is a carpet protection accessory and is mostly made of carpeting matter to match your car's floor covering. Moreover, many are made of long-lasting plastic or rubber to withstand the wear and tear, and to brush off dirt, snow, and water to shield the interior. You can easily detach them for cleaning and replacement.

What are the benefits of having Floor  Mats/liners?

    A high-quality customized floor mat has the ability to splendidly enhance your car's interior. Therefore, adding new mats is a pocket-friendly way to elevate the appearance of your machine on wheels, besides having an added comfort. Moreover, they safeguard your automobile’s interior from debris and everyday wear and tear, thereby preserving the value of your car. Lastly, the driver’s side floor mats protect the shoes by absorbing dirt and moisture.

What is a customized-fit floor mat?

    A customized fit floor mat is designed to conform precisely to your vehicle's floor contour and specifications. Also, such floor mats may or may not be same as the OEM mats depending on the manufacturer.


What’s The Difference Between Floor liners and Floor mats?

    Most of us use the terms floor liners and floor mats interchangeably, without realizing that there is a noteworthy difference between them. A floor mat is engineered with deep pockets, ridges, and channels and lays flat along the car floors. It can hold  liquid, thereby covering your accidental spill. Lasfit floor mats are ideal if you have a young family prone to a lot of spilling. A floor liner has tall outer edges that splendidly contour to the sides of the vehicle’s floorboards. Moreover, it comes stocked with nibbed backing, which makes sure that irrespective of the passengers’ movement, your floor liner doesn’t move an inch. It’s the perfect defense against work-boots.

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