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How to clean and maintain Lasfit all-weather custom fit vehicle floor liners with Chemical guys detailing?

by Lasfit Official March 01, 2021

How to clean and maintain Lasfit all-weather custom fit vehicle floor liners with Chemical guys detailing?

💯Lasfit 100% Pure TPE Floor Liners: Easy To Clean

Now in the past, we have mentioned how really easy it is to clean Lasfit Floor liners, and it's true, with just a water hose and a towel you can clean and dry Lasfit floor liners in a matter of minutes.

That all comes boiling down to our production line process. From our innovation in production technology, in injection molding, creating complex and future aesthetic accurate mold. To even the type of material we use, which is a new 100% pure TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) that has outstanding thermal properties and material stability that is perfect and versatile to different weather conditions.

lasfit TPE floor mats

Now our elite traction and channel patterns make these floor liners perfect for catching liquids and debris and actually keeping them on the floor mat but also making it conveniently easy to wash them off.

Now floor liners do protect your car floor from dirt, liquids, and other substances that can be harmful to your car floor and car interior. That doesn’t mean you are not supposed to deep clean and maintain them, water is good for short-term solutions but if you really want your floor liner to have longevity, you have to take a couple of minutes out of your day to properly clean and maintain floor mats, specifically Lasfit floor liners.


đŸ§ŒA Well-known Automotive Detailer Brand: Chemical Guys

A well-known automotive detailer product called "Chemical Guys", who have been dominating the automotive detailer by branding itself as more of a lifestyle than a brand, and its products don’t disappoint. We like to categorize ourselves in the same lane as them but for car floor mats, so when these two outstanding products collide, they really show their authenticity in their performance.


🧰Cleaning Tools Needed:

Now for this cleaning method, we obviously needed the Chemical Guys product: "Rubber +Vinyl Mat Renew Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant" and "VRP, Vinyl+Rubber+Plastic Protectant", along with a sponge, cloth or a soft brush, a water hose, and an air dryer but a towel can do just fine.


📜Cleaning Steps:

  • Step 1: Rinse the floor liners.

What we want to do first is rinse the floor liners using a water hose to get the floor liners moisturized and ready to apply the product.

  • Step 2: Add product & clean. 

We clean, which is basically adding the ‘Rubber +Vinyl Mat Renew Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant’ product and scrubbing the floor liner with the brush really getting into it, you have to think about how much these floor mliners go through, so really scrub and get in there. Be sure to clean the bottom of the floor mats as well as it's one of the most neglected spots of the floor liner that isn’t clean enough.

  • Step 3: Rinse again and dry the floor liners.

Rinse again and dry with a cloth if your floor liner is still dirty repeat step 2 but it’s unlikely as this product is really good and I never had to reapply it more than once per clean.

  • Step 4: Apply the interior and rubber and plastic protectant to protect the floor liners.

Now that your floor liner is dry add the ‘VRP, Vinyl+Rubber+Plastic Protectant’, but be sure not to add a lot onto the floor mat as it can make the floor liner extremely slippery and can be detrimental to your safety when driving. You can feel the extra layer of protection on the floor liner, that repels stains from dirt and liquids.

NOTE: If you want to see the video of how we did it click the link below👇:



The results speak for themselves, the Lasfit floor liner looks brand new all thanks to the combined help of Chemical Guys and Lasfits TPE material and innovation in technology, making this clean, simple, and effective. This will keep your Lastfit floor liner from looking like it has aged to looking like it's brand new all over again!

How to clean and maintain Lasfit all-weather custom fit vehicle floor mats with Chemical guys detailing?




What are floor mats/liners?

A floor mat is a carpet protection accessory and is mostly made of carpeting matter to match your car's floor covering. Moreover, many are made of long-lasting plastic or rubber to withstand wear and tear and to brush off dirt, snow, and water to shield the interior. You can easily detach them for cleaning and replacement.

What are the benefits of having floor mats/liners?

A high-quality customized floor mat has the ability to splendidly enhance your car's interior. Therefore, adding new mats is a pocket-friendly way to elevate the appearance of your machine on wheels, besides having added comfort. Moreover, they safeguard your automobile’s interior from debris and everyday wear and tear, thereby preserving the value of your car. Lastly, the driver’s side floor mats protect the shoes by absorbing dirt and moisture.

What is a customized-fit floor mat?

A customized fit floor mat is designed to conform precisely to your vehicle's floor contour and specifications. Also, such floor mats may or may not be the same as the OEM mats depending on the manufacturer.


What’s the difference between floor liners and floor mats?

Most of us use the terms floor liners and floor mats interchangeably, without realizing that there is a noteworthy difference between them. A floor mat is engineered with deep pockets, ridges, and channels and lays flat along the car floors. It can hold liquid, thereby covering your accidental spill. Lasfit floor mats are ideal if you have a young family prone to a lot of spilling. A floor liner has tall outer edges that splendidly contour to the sides of the vehicle’s floorboards. Moreover, it comes stocked with nibbed backing, which makes sure that irrespective of the passengers’ movement, your floor liner doesn’t move an inch. It’s the perfect defense against work boots.



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