Any Ideas To Get Funny Or Spooky On Halloween? | Halloween Car Decorations

by Lasfit Official October 29, 2022

Any Ideas To Get Funny Or Spooky On Halloween? | Halloween Car Decorations

It's October, the shocking minutes have arrived allowing us to be creative. We all love to decorate for the holidays with DIY Halloween decorations. It's apparent and common to decorate your home and garden, but don't forget about Halloween decorations for your car! How many times have you said to yourself, "I should have done something like that to my car for Halloween!"

It’s going to be big fun planning the theme and decorating the car. You'll be able to spread scary cheer all around town if you decorate your car! Everywhere you go, you'll notice a little extra festive cheer. This is such a great time of year, so keep reading for ideas on how to get funny or spooky on Halloween when arranging Halloween decorations for your car!

(Photo From Eric @okierover)

1. Decorating For Trunk Or Treat

(1) Pick a theme.

Trunk or Treats really grew in popularity during the pandemic. It offered parents and children a way to trick or treat without being inside or getting too close to one another.

On the themes for the trunk or treat, to get the best experience out of decorating your vehicle, make sure you know what you want to do. Don’t be scared to get creative, pick a theme that speaks to you. Are you going scary, cute, or funny? Here below are some creative trunk or treat ideas for your reference:

● Harry Potter Trunk or Treat Ideas
● Toy Story Trunk or Treat Ideas
● Shark Trunk or Treat Ideas
● Harry Potter Trunk or Treat Ideas
● Minion Trunk or Treat
● Bat Cavern Trunk or Treat
● Halloween Mickey Trunk or Treat
● Alice in Wonderland Trunk or Treat
● Pumpkin Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat

Bat Cavern Trunk or Treat

(2) Purchase your decorations according to the theme.

Make sure you get the right decorations for the job, depending on what your theme is. You can go to your local party store to purchase your decorations. These stores sell specific car accessories such as eyelashes, bat wings, spider webs, fake blood, skeletons, and even shark fins for the top of your car. These items will be more durable and able to undergo rain and wind.

You can also purchase materials at your local dollar store or create a DIY project out of items you may have at home already. Such as cutting scary teeth from Styrofoam or cardboard, making ghosts out of sheets, or using hay for an outdoorsy vibe. If you want to keep it simple, bloody stickies for hanging fake limbs from your trunk will also do the trick!

halloween car decorations

(3) Add Lasfit trunk lights for some extra pizzazz.

An excellent way to add some fun is with trunk lights. You can find something like this light-up ghost from Lasfit. These colorful Lasfit trunk lights will give your trunk or treat decorations some extra pizzazz once the sun goes down.

Add Lasfit trunk lights for some extra pizzazz.

2. Decorating For Car Exterior

(1) Wrap your car body in spider webs.

You can wrap your car body in spider webs, complete with a spider on top. This is an easy spooky look, and you can buy the spider plushy or plastic version and some gauzy fake spiderwebs or make it yourself with some cotton and wrap it around your car, placing the spider on top. Your car has now become a spider’s den!

Wrap your car body in spider webs.

(2) Add Halloween themed car window decals or magnets.

If you don't want to worry about clean-up, Halloween themed car window decals and decorations are a great option. There are many different choices depending on your preferences. Pumpkin or skeleton stickers are a fun and amusing way to show your spirit and can be reused next year.

Add Halloween themed car window decals or magnets.

(3) Add some teeth to the front grille.

Another great idea is to add some teeth to the front grille of the car. This is a really easy way to give your grille some extra character for Halloween- all you need are white foam board teeth and amber LED lights. You can cut out the foam board into the shape of some scary pointy teeth, and then hot glue them onto the grille of your car to make it look more menacing. Then attach the Lasfit LED light bars behind the grille so that they light up the teeth. It’ll look like a giant mouth ready to eat anyone who dares to go near your car!

If you want to take this idea a step further, you can add some green paint or slime around the teeth to make it look like there’s drool coming out of the mouth. This is a great decoration if you’re going for a more gruesome look.

(Photo From Tyler @cyclops_the_fj)

(4) Hanging bloody arm on the front bumper.

Bloody arms are always a classic when it comes to Halloween decorations. You can make your own by filling a glove with fake blood or buying them pre-made. Either way, they will surely add a spooky touch to your car by draping them over your car’s front bumper.

(5) Attach a skeleton or a giant tarantula on the roof.

Don't underestimate the power of some spooky skeletons and spiders. If you have a larger SUV like a Toyota Highlander with railings on the roof, you can attach a skeleton, giant tarantula, or other scary stuff to your roof.

3. Decorating For Car Interior

(1) Add Lasfit interior lights for an extra eerie feel.

Your car’s exterior is decorated enough to give goosebumps, now work on interior Halloween decorations for your car. If the exterior demonstrates a ghost car, then the interior should also be reflecting the same theme. What about colorful interior lights in the car?

(2) Skeleton front seat driver.

The skeleton front seat driver is perfect for the Halloween car decoration enthusiast who wants to add a little spookiness to their ride. A spooky skeleton or a dead body on the passenger seat is scary enough to raise the BP of your friends. Imagine the look of people who pull up next to your parked car with this cutie sitting in the front seat?

(Photo From Bruce @solemack10)

(3) Decorate your dashboard.

Place some fun Halloween bobbleheads or knick-knacks on your dashboard. Make sure the items you pick are small--you don’t want them crashing down while you’re driving.

4. Make Sure Your Decorations are Safe

We encourage you to have fun with your Halloween decorations but remember that driving safely is still very important. Consider these tips before you decorate your car:

(1) Clean the exterior before applying decorations.
(2) Make sure your windshield, rear window, sensors, cameras, brake lights, headlamps, and mirrors are clear at all times. Check your owner’s manual to find the sensors.
(3) Do not put anything near your tires or exhaust.
(4) Do not use decorations that could drag on the ground or interfere with other drivers.
(5) Choose washable supplies made specifically for your car.
(6) Don’t leave decorations on for too long. Use a granite cleaner to remove residue completely.

(Photo From Tyler @itsacanyon)

5. Some Creative Ideas To Get More Funny Or Spooky On Halloween With Lasfit Lights:

"I plan on adding pumpkin buckets to my pod lights to create a glow light effect.. and to brighten up my area for the kids!" @majesticruby_jeep

"Definitely looking forward to Trunk or Treat and would love to mount some jack-o’-lantern pails around a set of pod lights! 🎃💡"@project_poor_runner

"Plan on using my @lasfitautolighting amber light bar to help set the mood for the trunk or treat event." @adventures_de_nk

"I’d add a black film and aim the lights at my house to make it look spooky 👻"@drew_fk8

"I made some neat little ghost cutouts to put over my pod lights. I’ll have them on for a bit during Trunk or Treat."@echooverland

"I plan on going to spooky trails and lighting my way with @lasfitautolighting pods. For Halloween weekend I’ll be in the Bay Area catch me there 🤙🏾 I like the idea of the jack-o-lantern pails around pod lights 👆🏾"@ranger_milks

"I’m going to a Halloween party at my besties house and planning on doing a photo shoot with our cars in our costumes. My Lasfit LED headlights will def be making a feature for some FIRE pics 🔥🕷️🕸️"@fk7lb

"I plan to use @lasfitautolighting 3" LED Pod Sport Series (yellow) to light up my front porch for trick or treaters on Halloween!"@kmelly90

"Use pod lights to light up jack o lanterns on your rig! Get a kids trick of treat bucket, cut a hole in it, place it over your light pod. Boom! Rig decorated with light up pumpkins."@eagle00494

"It would be cool to light up the dark streets on Halloween when giving out candy or have LED pods with pumpkins on them🎃"@dirtytrailboss

"I will Light up the area for kids to safely get their candies"@majesticruby_jeep

"I would use my pod lights and add pumpkin baskets over pod lights to make a glow effect..🙌🙌🙌"@majesticruby_jeep


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