Hit Skeleton Ridge Road And Camp Under The Milky Way With 2019 Jeep Renegade Sport

by Lasfit Official November 02, 2022

Hit Skeleton Ridge Road And Camp Under The Milky Way With 2019 Jeep Renegade Sport

Welcome back, trail folks!🙌🙌Big shoutout to Dan, our monthly Jeep Trail Ambassador@dan_beardly!!! Last month, Dan led us to hit the Vedauwoo Trail and enjoyed a relaxing time. (Click here to read it if you're interested.)

Recently he has had the opportunity to work remotely as well as travel and overland for work, which means he gets more time behind the wheel to explore, the best thing about this!!

This month, Dan has explored Skeleton Ridge Road. He really enjoyed the serenity of being off the grid and surrounded by nature and seeing something new for the first time. This is an easy trail for any level of off-roader to explore! Let's welcome Dan to share more of this trail's stories, experiences, knowledge, and techniques with us now.🥳

Hi~ Guys! This is Dan here.😎

On this most recent trip, we were staying in Woodland Park and this trail came highly recommended with a camping spot near the middle of the trail. The best part was laying out in the clearing and being able to see the Milky Way while being so close the Colorado Springs. Then we explored Skeleton Ridge Road - outside of Woodland Park, CO.

This was all around a super easy trail, there are some steep points that you will have to engage 4x4 but nothing super sketchy, just some incredibly loose dirt.

I'd recommend this trail to anyone, this should be a fairly easy trail for anyone with a 4x4. The first 1/4 mile was done completely in 2WD, pretty much any vehicle should be able to make it this first portion. Beyond this point, I do recommend not attempting anything alone if you are newer to off-roading. There are some slim parts of the trail that you will need to pick your line appropriately.

As for my suggestions about modifications or accessories that everyone has to have on this trail, I think having the correct tires and lighting makes all the difference in the world. However, the most important thing everyone should invest in is a Winch, for the just-in-case moments.

Besides, 100% is one of the most important factors of my build. Without proper lighting, you will end up throwing light everywhere and not getting anywhere you need it. I highly recommend running either forward-facing pods or a lightbar along with at least ditch lights. This will allow you to see both in front of you and off to the side when you get caught on a trail after dark.

I always recommend adding amber below your headlights. This will allow the light to cut through anything like dust, snow, fog, and rain and provide a bit more visibility to you.

I have a few favorite or dream trails - for this installment: Highway 1 in Australia, 14,500 KM sounds like an amazing overlanding adventure. Being able to see the entire coastline from behind the wheel, camping under the stars, and surviving off of what is with me - sounds like a dream!

Here's the detailed Trail Info Dan provided to us for anyone who gets interested in this trail as reference:

Name of the trail:
Skeleton Ridge Road
Outside of Woodland Park, CO
2 mi
Best time of year to go:
Spring, Summer & Fall
Key Features:
Steep climbs on loose dirt, and several ruts from rain/snow runoff mean you will need to have a spotter or know how to pick lines
9000 ft
Phone Numbers for local help:
Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery - 24/7 HOTLINE: 720-722-1204
Grid Coordinates:
Tire Pressure Advice:
No need to air down
Rig requirements (Example, must be 4x4 with lift kit, or standard 4x4):
Must have a 4x4 for any of the inclines
Other considerations:
There is low cell signal here, and the day I went out I didn't see another soul. Keep in mind you may not have any service for emergencies, so tread carefully.


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