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Have You Prepared For Driving In Severe Weather? | Lasfit Winter Driving Safety Tips

by Lasfit Official November 14, 2022

Have You Prepared For Driving In Severe Weather? | Lasfit Winter Driving Safety Tips

Unusual cold and snow🌨️ are spreading widely across North America this weekend, having already affected northern and western parts so far this week.🌎 Snow, sleet, ice, and below-freezing temperatures all affect driving conditions. If possible, and your area has extreme weather systems, it's best to postpone the trip and stay home rather than drive.

America weather map

But if you must drive in extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rain/snowstorms, and thunderstorms, please be prepared for your car—and yourself—for winter driving conditions in advance. During winter, safety depends on driver performance in winter hazards, good vehicle maintenance—and common sense.

Adding some car safety gear in typical winter weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow, ice, sleet, and fog is more important than ever. Here are some Lasfit car safety gear tips that will help you drive safer in bad weather:👇👇👇


1. Tips For Improving Vehicle Visibility During Extreme Winter.

Winter presents drivers with even more challenges, and visibility is one of the most significant of all. If you cannot see where you are going, you pose a risk to yourself as well as other drivers and even pedestrians. Here are some important tips to help keep you safe on the road.

(1) Prepare for inclement weather with Lasfit LED fog lights.

In addition to snow and cold temperatures, fog is another common occurrence during the winter season. During the winter months, dense fog episodes can last for days. Heavy fog, a situation when visibilities are reduced to a quarter-mile or less, is most common in December with January being the next foggiest month. The foggiest location in the United States is not too far away, at Cape Disappointment, Wash, which averages more than 100 days of heavy fog each year.

Fog is generally the reason for low visibility which make driving an arduous task. Fog lights are important, especially if you regularly find yourself driving in inclement weather. Typically fog lights are recommended during conditions when the visibility drops below 100 meters. Driving in fog or other inclement weather conditions with poor-performing fog lights can make it harder to see and increase the odds of an accident. Fog lights not only provide you with clear visibility but also signals other drivers about your location on the road, thus reducing the chance of any mishap to happen.

lasfit led fog lights

Lasfit LD Plus Series LED Fog Lights are specially designed with a switchbacks function. 6000K white light increased visual field and distance visibility in dark weather. 3000K yellow light could increase road illumination in rainy, snowy, harsh weather with strong penetrating to help increase your visibility and help keep you safe even under the worst weather conditions.

lasfit ld plus series fog lights

(2) Equipped for winter adventures with Lasfit off-road lights.

If you are looking at a more cost-effective yet functional lightbar designed specifically for bad weather or foggy or dusty or rainy, snowy, or poor visibility situations, then this modestly priced Lasfit light bar works extremely well, due to the amber color of its lens. The amber color is soft enough to have minimal hood glare and wouldn't cause a lot of eye fatigue or artifacts when the light is reflecting off of other vehicles when traveling in a convoy. The light still projects pretty far, but it's very soft.

Besides, the screwless front design is relatively new in light bars and is designed to limit gasket failure and tighten the gaps and ensure no moisture gets into the housing causing the lens to leak or fog. This is an important consideration, especially for those who regularly live in an area prone to rain, ice, or snow.

Our 3" SAE fog beam pattern pod lights are also custom tailored for bad weather conditions, we'd recommend the yellow because of its ability to cut through snow and rain better than white-colored lights in extreme weather conditions.

lasfit pod lights

The build quality of these pod lights is solid with a nice coat of paint so they'll last. The brackets are made out of stainless steel so there is no need to worry about rusting anytime soon. With modern technology and custom-engineered TIR optics, our 3" pod lights were to bring the most advanced experiences for you on the trails. If aimed correctly, the cutoff line helps reduce the blinding of on-coming traffic and directs all light forward instead of being scattered everywhere.

Although these lights are more yellow, they also have changeable amber filters. The amber filter matches perfectly with our amber light bar! These Lasfit 3" LED Pod Fog Light 18w Yellow will light up the roads for you in bad winter. However, If you do extreme terrain/off-roading, then I suggest you get the 36W version because you can never have it too bright.

3" LED Pod Light Replacement Filter Amber / Yellow / White

2.  Keep Your Vehicle Clean In Winter With Lasfit All-Weather Floor Mat.

The winter months can be brutal on people, but it can be even worse for cars. For a lot of the folks in the U.S., it means snow, slush, and salt making a mess of your car’s interior. There’s very little that you can do to keep the slush of winter out of your vehicle, especially if you have passengers, kids, or dogs. While you can’t fix everything, changing your car’s floor mats could save you a lot of time and money on maintenance this winter.

lasfit floor mats

Lasfit all-weather floor mats are great tools for protecting your car or truck’s carpet from the damage that can be done by harsh, snowy, and wet weather. Prevention is worth more than a cure, and this is especially true when it comes to keeping your vehicle clean. While your standard floor mats might do the job the rest of the year, the colder months call for additional heavy-duty service to do things right.

Having Lasfit all-weather floor mats is going to be helpful not only it will protect your flooring but it’s actually really easy to clean off, if you do go inside your car with dirt or when the road is all salted up you're bringing all that brine inside your vehicle, just simply take off the floor liners from the car, rinse it vigorously with a hose, and then dry it with a cloth.

lasfit floor mats easy to clean

3. Get Emergency Power With Lasfit J Power S1 Jump Starter.

In extreme conditions, one of the most important things to have is a reliable power source. Cold weather adversely affects battery performance, lead-acid batteries tend to have a lower performance rate than their lithium counterpart. This makes lithium batteries a top power source for anyone wanting to explore places where the temperatures drop to frigid conditions.

Lasfit JPower S1 is a 12V/24V jump starter for the automobile. Our jump starter features high quality, high performance, and rechargeable lithium-ion with a longer lifespan. It doesn't produce harmful toxic gas under regular use. It designs weighing just 8.45 pounds. It can auto-detect the battery voltages and work with all Gas & Diesel engines up to 13L. When looking to upgrade or overcome your battery troubles, the Lasfit lithium-Ion rechargeable battery is the clear winner when it comes to cold weather.

lasfit jump starter

4. Conclusion

Remember, you are your car's best safety feature. Cars need to be equipped with safety gear to keep them running well and this becomes even more important during the colder months. Take precautions to ensure you arrive safely at your destination. Just take action and prepare for the cold winter driving now!



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