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2022 Halloween Most Needed Car Mods Shopping List | Scary Good Savings!🤑

by Lasfit Official October 25, 2022

2022 Halloween Most Needed Car Mods Shopping List  Scary Good Savings!🤑

Halloween is really dark, foggy, and full of hazards out there. Your monster vehicle needs to look for some wonderfully wicked LED Lighting and Off-Road Lights upgrades to brighten up your haunted knight or Blind the ghosts in the backroads, save yourself from the spooky messy vehicle this Halloween with our custom all-weather Floor Mats and keep your car safe from Halloween pranks!

From October 25th-31th when you use code HL22 you can pick them up at 15% off. You're in for scary-good savings with our Halloween sale!


1. LED Forward Lighting

Lasfit LS Plus Series is the TOP series LED bulbs in all Lasfit 6 different series with the brightest light output, the newest technology and design. Adding top high-quality LED forward lighting to your car can decrease accidents on Halloween nights by making you more visible. Add extra safety and style to your vehicle now!

Lasfit LED Forward Lighting

2. LED Fog Light

Lasfit LD Plus Series is specially designed with a switchbacks function. 6000K white light increased visual field and distance visibility in dark weather. 3000K yellow light could increase overall visibility and road illumination in rainy, snowy, harsh weather with strong penetrating to prevent accidents at spooky night. We believe these bulbs will give you an extraordinary driving experience, especially on Halloween night!

Lasfit LED Fog Light

3. LED Turn Signal Light

Lasfit CANBUS LED Turn Signals prevent 95% of hyper flash and error warnings, no need to add extra resistors or parts anymore. They are designed to directly replace the factory halogen lamp. If you would like to improve your safety while driving and make communication with other cars much easier, then Lasfit CANBUS LED turn signals are on your TOP list!

Lasfit LED Turn Signal Light

4. LED 3" Pods

"Driving down dark, twisting back roads with a powerful lighting setup that illuminates everything in your path!" Lasfit focuses on automotive LED lighting product development to bring you premium high performance LED lights. With modern technology and custom-engineered TIR optics, our 3" pod lights were released to bring the most advanced experiences for you on the trails. We aim to provide highly professional products for off-road enthusiasts. Blind the ghosts in the backroads & Adventure with us!

Lasfit LED 3 Pods

5. LED Light Bar

Having powerful headlights is important, but sometimes you need extra light to guide you in your direction. When you're off the beaten track at night and need brighter lighting, our off-road LED light bars are the perfect solution. Lasfit LED light bars offer premium off-road lighting in a durable, compact package with an efficient, functional beam pattern, and high-intensity light output that easily illuminates wildlife ahead, trick-or-treaters, Mischievous teens, and even blinds the "ghosts" in the backroads.

Lasfit LED Light Bar

6. Floor Mats

To keep your car safe from Halloween shenanigans, Lasfit recommends that you consider purchasing our custom all-weather floor mats ahead of time, our mats use 3D scanning technology to capture every nook and cranny for a perfect edge-to-edge fit of your vehicle, custom-designed channels and raised edges effectively trap eggs, melted candy, rotten food, shaving foam, silly ropes or any other Halloween junk that could erode your car, keeping your car clean at Halloween.

Lasfit Floor Mats

7. Jeep OEM Aux Switches Panel

Our switch banks DON'T require any software updates, just install and are ready for use. You don't need to go to the dealership to activate it. A premium but economical solution to run 4+ auxiliary switch panels without having the hassle of getting your ecu flash is what we want to provide you with. Now, Be your own home mechanic with our switches!

lasfit switch panel

8. Jeep Hood Lock

Halloween may be a festive holiday filled with candy and enjoyed by many, but it is also a holiday that criminals take advantage of. Lasfit stealth anti-theft automatic Jeep hood lock system could prevent the hood from being opened so the thieves can't walk away with valuable underhood parts such as batteries, intakes, superchargers, etc.

lasfit jeep hood lock

9. Jump Starter

Party all night? Don’t forget to keep a Lasfit 12V/24V jump starter for the automobile on your car just in case your car battery dies! On the other hand, our JPower S1 jump starter also has input and output ports. With a USB port, it can be taken anywhere and provides instant power for electronic devices, such as cell phones, Kindles, tablets, cameras, etc. And with AC charge on the package, you can just plug it in to charge the unit.

lasfit jump starter

We hope this shopping guide will help you score extra savings as you shop for everything you need for your Halloween celebration! Please share this with all your friends and family immediately, so they have enough time to search for the best Halloween car mods. Happy shopping, everyone! No tricks—just treats!👻🎃🍬


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