Why Have I Been Overspending On Quality Light Until Now? | Build An Off-Road Light Bar For 2021 Ford Bronco

by Lasfit Official June 15, 2022

Why Have I Been Overspending On Quality Light Until Now? | Build An Off-Road Light Bar For 2021 Ford Bronco

*This article was originally created by Jody. All the photos and content are authorized by Jody. Many thanks to @Bird Dog Overland for sharing such great content with us!

 Hi guys! It's Jody here!😎

I'm quite happy to share something on the Lasfit Off-Road Column. I think the column is an excellent avenue for those looking for a quality lightweight product for their off-road needs.👍

I'm a radiology professional living in Chicago, IL. I started overlanding shortly after buying my old 5th gen 4Runner back in 2018 but have since upgraded to a new Bronco Badlands with Sasquatch. Living in the city makes me appreciate the outdoors much more. I really love exploring new areas and making new friends in the off-road/overlanding community.

2016 Toyota 4Runner @Bird Dog Overland

(My Old 5th Gen 4Runner)

I didn't want to spend an excessive amount for quality lighting on the Bronco as most funds are dedicated to suspension and protection additions. We recently added the 42" LED light bar to the rooftop of the windshield. The Lasfit Off-Road lighting options are a perfect fit for the new Bronco platform. 

2021 ford bronco

(My New 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch)

Based on our experience with the previous Lasfit products, we had high expectations for this addition. We mounted it on the roof above the windshield using 3rd party brackets. The installation was very easy and took a short time. The biggest tip I can give is to use the Lasfit wiring kit as well for a seem less installation.

lasfit 42 inch led light bar on 2021 ford bronco

After the installation, our expectations were exceeded. The depth and brightness are amazing and provide more than adequate illumination for the trails. Headlights are not even necessary because the light bar is that good.

The difference the light bar makes is astounding. Your range of sight is exponentially increased for several hundred feet when the light bar is added to the headlight beams.


(Headlight Only)

Headlight+ lasfit 42" led light bar

(Headlight + Light Bar)

The Lasfit brand has far exceeded my expectations and I will highly recommend them to friends for a variety of road vehicles. My first impression was "why have I been overspending on quality light until now". Not only is the Lasfit 42" light bar very bright and produces good quality lighting, but it also will fit into most enthusiasts' budgets. I've been completely blown away by its high quality, affordable price, and universally applicable mounting options!

A rear steel bumper with Lasfit 3" pod lights is high on my list and will round out our off-road lighting needs for years to come.

2021 Ford Bronco Roof LW40CBSTW @Bird Dog Overland lasfit 42inch light bar(2)

*Off-Road Lighting Upgrade Tips: 42" Lasfit light bar above the windshield, 32" Lasfit light bar on the front modular bumper, and Lasfit 3" pods on the cowl (Ditch lights) and in the front bumper (Fog lights) should be more than adequate for anyone's off-roading needs.


*Hopefully, this helps you out if you're in the market for some new off-road lights and/or are curious about the Lasfit Light Bars. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.


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