Top 5 Chevy Silverado Mods at Lasfit

by Lasfit Official June 06, 2022

Top 5 Chevy Silverado Mods at Lasfit

We're covering today the top five modifications our customers have done for the 2019 to 2022 Chevy Silverado. If you are anything like them these are five things that should be at the top of your list for your Silverado. We're gonna start this list off with something that's absolutely critical for this truck. If you guys are new and by chance have not heard of us feel free at any point in the content if you're enjoying the content scroll down and hit the comment button below to join the discussion.


1. LED Turn Signal Light

Have you ever noticed your 2019+ Silverado turn signals? It seemed to be the dimmest of all the exterior lights especially when you have LED forward light, or tail light and brake light, that's where you should start.
High-quality bulbs ease concerns that spending extra money on a bulb is going to be worth it if they work well and last a long time. The packaging wasn't just some plain box, which looks nice, but it also wasn't some plastic blister pack that was impossible to open. Having integrated resistors makes a big difference, and having very detailed instructions about which vehicles use CK vs standard sockets was very informative.


Content & Pictured: Adam Jones, Slow Steve


2. Floor Mat

It's easy to get dirty on the pickup truck's interior. No matter whether they are for daily use, off-roading, or even traveling. That's why Lasfit floor mats became one of the top 5 mods on Silverado. If you expected the floor mats to have a full-coverage design with raised edges to prevent dirt, liquids, etc from running off of the mats. Congratulations. You're correct in your assumption once you receive these floor mats. In the time you have had these, no dirt or any spills have leaked off of the floor mats which makes your life so much easier when you need to clean up a mess.

Pictured: Jason


3. LED Light Bar

If you need something slim enough to fit in a tight spot behind grille and this is the only light bar you could find with that option. The price was so much greater compared to the other options out there. While the quality, man, much more exceeded the price point. The more exciting point is installing the light bar behind the grille of the Chevy Silverado was a fairly easy process. Take the grille of the truck off and use mounts that made it to where you could mount the light bar behind the grille. Once you mounted the light bar to the frame that was pretty much it, other than the wiring.

Pictured: Cruz Villafranco


4. LED 3'' Pod Light

Why 3'' pods should be considered? The answer is to use them in off-roading conditions as well as a heavy fog situation while in Big Bear that prevented an accident. And what beam pattern would be the best? Fog yellow and Driving yellow. Yellow pods are dope. They are bright, well built, and the price is very budget-friendly compared to other makers of similar products. For the front-mounted ditch light pods (driving yellow) they provide better visibility in low light situations or dusty situations when off-roading. Mount amber pods on the rear bumper with a flash module to make your own chase lights, and use them in off-roading conditions as well as a heavy fog situation while in Big Bear that prevented an accident.

Pictured: Chris Anaya


5. Low Forward Lighting

The led output these give compared to stock hid headlamps there is an Immaculate difference. Also, lasfit is super budget-friendly with custom for Silverado's design. Compared to buying OEM HID's. If you do a lot of night driving on back unlit roads and I'll tell you what these do the job if you need light and great output and the light being thrown far enough ahead of you.

Pictured: Ryan


Any upgrades from this article would be only one part of building your dream car. One change could bring a better truck life to your Silverado. However, this is only the beginning and basement of your adventure. You can find a quality one at Lasfit if you are looking for cool things to improve your daily driving, off-roading, or traveling.


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