How Did 2021 Tacoma Revive Taylor's Passion For Off-Road And Exploration? | Immersive Experience With Lasfit 3" Pod Lights

by Lasfit Official June 08, 2022

2021 Toyota Tacoma Hood Light LW03FG18Y @cherry_bomb_tacoma

*This article was originally created by Taylor M. All the photos and content are authorized by Taylor. Many thanks to @cherry_bomb_tacoma for sharing such great content with us!

Welcome back to The Lasfit Off-Road Column🥳. Today we had the opportunity to interview Taylor, a funny and handsome guy who tries to make it a goal to go off-road at least once per month or go to an event. Let's learn more about his off-road journey below!👇👇👇

Hey, Taylor! Tell us a bit more about yourself and your daily driving conditions? We'd love to hear your story of getting into overland & off-road building and inspire more people with it.

My daily driving conditions are nothing crazy. I live in the city and my commute to work is very short. However, I try to make it a goal to go off-road at least once per month or go to an event.

My off-road origins trace back to when I lived in Colorado over 10 years ago. Back then we had an old Land Rover Discovery. It was awesome to go out with my family on weekends to the Rocky Mountains and beat up the Lil' Rover as we called it. We got into some sketchy situations just exploring the mountains but it was always a joy. Unfortunately, the Land Rover was at the shop almost every month because something was broken (not from off-roading). So when we moved back to Texas we sold the Land Rover and got something more practical for a flat state like Texas.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Hood Light LW03FG18Y @cherry_bomb_tacoma

My off-road passion died down over the years until my parents bought me a 2003 Toyota Tacoma. Old memories of exploring and off-roading flooded in! I did what I could with local parks in Texas but it did not reignite until I moved to Virginia. Here there are lots of options to choose from! I continued to build up my Tacoma but realized I needed a new truck if I wanted to explore more and do more intense trails (the old Tacoma was only 2WD with a locking rear differential). 

2021 Toyota Tacoma Hood Light LW03FG18Y @cherry_bomb_tacoma(1)

In August of last year, I bought a 2021 Tacoma Off-Road and have been exploring trails on the east coast from New York to Tennessee. I continue to build up the new truck with a focus on off-road performance and improvements.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Hood Light LW03FG18Y @cherry_bomb_tacoma(1)

So, what mods/builds have you recently upgraded to your Tacoma for the off-road performance and improvements?

I currently have the Lasfit pod lights on the Tacoma, they are great! My expectations are increased visibility on the trails at night, especially in the snow. I normally do a winter trip to New York each year so I am excited to test them to their limits!

lasfit 3" pod lights On 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road

My impression of the brand started with the unboxing experience. The box looked like it came from Apple with the heavy weight and sleek design. Opening the lid, you immediately see the lights and the impressive packaging that wraps the lights. Digging deeper you find the mounts, accessories, instructions, and hardware. Packaging has always been an important aspect of products to me (see my unboxing here: Lasfit 3" LED Pods Unboxing).

lasfit 3" pod lights

Which beam pattern do you think is the best for your Tacoma?

The SAE Fog is the best of all worlds! I choose this beam pattern over the others because it looked like the best hybrid option. I was not interested in having a far-reach spot (most of the trails in the northeast are wooded and narrow), nor the driving (still too far), and not the flood (too close to the vehicle).

2021 Toyota Tacoma Hood Light LW03FG18Y @cherry_bomb_tacoma④

What are the top 3 points you like about the pods? How do these 3 points solve your problems or meet your expectations?

My top three favorite features of the pods are the amber filter, the construction, and the quality hardware. As previously mentioned, the amber is important to me for snowy conditions. Additionally, I have always wanted to own lights that were amber. The construction of the lights is very impressive. On the last truck, I always had lower quality light bars, so I am happy to make the jump to these sport pods. Lastly, the hardware is impressive. I love that the kit comes with black screws and the hood mount is very very low profile. This just adds to the overall impression of a quality product.

The amber filter solves my problems on the trail because it gives me increased visibility. Now I can lead the pack instead of relying on others and their lights! Also, in the snow, the amber light is less reflective and less harsh on the eyes. The construction shows me that these lights will not quit without a fight and keep the trail lit! The attention to detail like the black screws helps keep the aesthetic of the rig because it does not have bright silver screws on black mounts.

lasfit pods

Where did you mount the pod lights? Do you have any useful installation tips that you can share with more vehicle owners who also need to install their pods?

I mounted the pod lights on the hood in the corners by the windshield. I have lots of useful installation tips that I am ready to share with more vehicle owners who need help in my install video. Check out a more detailed installation video on the @Cherry Bomb Tacoma channel if you're interested.👇

If you have an old third-generation Toyota Tacoma that does not have LED fog lights, I highly suggest you upgrade those. Since it is a very easy install and the housing is already there. Additionally, getting some sort of pod light on the hood is a great idea because if you upgrade your bumper in the future you do not have to worry about compatibility or if it will fit like you would with a hidden mounted light bar. That is why I went with the Lasfit pod lights on the hood because they are not going to interfere with any future mods.

After using our lights on the trails, how is your experience and liking of the lights in the real world test?

Full disclosure, I have not had the chance to use the lights on the trail. Overall I'm very excited and they definitely throw light far enough in the distance. I am hoping to go on Memorial Day weekend, to film some footage and I am excited!

lasfit pods lighting performance at night

What mods or builds are you going to upgrade for your vehicle in the near future?

In the immediate future, I plan on doing a "viper cut." It is essentially a modification where you cut the front bumper to allow for bigger tires and a more aggressive look.

2021 toyota tacoma

Finally, I would recommend the lights to my friends and all of you guys because their prices are fair, the construction is tough and rugged, and their attention to detail is high.


*Hopefully, this helps you out if you're in the market for some new off-road lights and/or are curious about the Lasfit 3″ Pods. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.


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