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An Absolute Blast Trail In Wilson Creek With 2022 Bronco Black Diamond

by Lasfit Official June 06, 2022

An Absolute Blast Trail In Wilson Creek With 2022 Bronco Black Diamond

Welcome back, trail folks! Our trail leader of this month is Adam Hulin @50andfabulousadventures, an Idaho native, professional Bronco trail instructor, great content creator, offroading enthusiast and a lovely husband & father, he's got unlimited miles to go every week, every year, well, every second before he sleeps obviously. Let's get to Wilson Creek Trail and learn a little more about what it's like to ride this trail and also how Adam has lead us to! (Here big shoutout to Adam's wife Kelly too)

So, Adam introduce a bit more about yourself? How did you start off-roading anyway?

I see myself an adventure seeker with 20 plus years of automotive experience. I actually have over 20 years of experience selling Ford products, so believe me when I say the new Ford Bronco is something very special. We have been having an absolute blast exploring Idaho and the surrounding areas in our new 2022 Bronco Black Diamond 2 door.

Age is just a number, and they say if you haven't grown up by 50 you don't have too! My wife Kelly and I are nearing 30 years of marriage, and still searching for the next adventure together! The love of my life and mother of our 2 adult children turns out to be a natural off road driver! Sharing our adventures skating, skiing, surfing and now exploring new places and an entirely new chapter of our lives together!


What keeps you off-roading? You're always so inspirational to all of us!

I love being outdoors and exploring. Off roading allows me to reach so many more areas and see things I wouldn't or that I even could on foot or bike. I love our public lands and trails and want to share with others the etiquette necessary for the continued long term preservation of them while working to grow our Idaho Bronco community.

I also want to help new Bronco owners understand the tech in their vehicles and how that can effect our trails. (Proper use of lockers, trail turn assist act.) I want a trail that can offer challenges, scenery and that feeling of being where only your Bronco could take you. I want to be educating and instructing Bronco owners how to use the amazing unique off road technology they most likely never have used or may not even know they have. I want our meets to be similar to what I experienced at Ford's Off Roadeo event in Moab Utah.
*Editor's Reaction: Adam's first time mentioning Moab here, be careful with more to come...

Tell us about the trail, why that location? What was the coolest moment?

The first ever, Boise Bronco Owner Memorial Meet at the Wilson Creek State Recreation Area Melba, Idaho. This area in Idaho not only offers unique geography and stunning scenic views, but is an absolute maze of designated 4x4 and UTV trails set on BLM lands. Getting other Bronco's muddy on the trails and out in the wilds was the best part. Our pod light winner Matt and his son Liam stunned us all with an amazing hill climb up and down an optional route in their non-sasquatched Badlands!


What makes this a difficult or easy trail?

We consider this a medium difficulty trail route. Steep climbs and decent's through sandy soils with loose volcanic rocks. Then into clay soils that required us to change route, following the Tread Lightly ediqutte and looping back to sandy soils perfect for the precipitation that was taking place. Lots of great views, deep ruts and janky rock sections. High clearance 4x4's required and lockers recommended.

We had planned to go to Rats nest Gulch but the clay soils turned us back Hard trigger road then back onto the sandy soils. The heart was the giveaway stop, the x the turn around. Rats Nest would have been the "sand box" area… but the ground was wet sticky clay and we were not wanting to damage any trails. The one section from the big loop to the trail head was the double back section fun both directions tho! Scouting out your routes really was key because Kelly and I knew another fun trail to take us back to the good soils.

Would you recommend this place to a new trail rider?

Yes! The Wilson Creek Area has many great roads and easy fun trails that can be enjoyed by all types of trail users. Remember, all users must yield to Equestrians and be sure to slow down and don't hesitate to offer any assistance for MTB users.


What is your favorite or dream trail?

Always dreaming of Moab... Moab.
*Editor's Reaction: well obviously Adam is obssessed with Moab, a land of plenty when it comes to off-roading and overlanding opportunities, with breathtaking landscape no matter how many times you visit. Am I right Adam?

So, are there any modifications or accessories that everyone has to have?

Lighting is so important off road. Factory headlights do not provide enough coverage and the additions of light bars and other LED lighting accessories are a MUST HAVE for off roading.

Do you have any suggestions about lighting set-up for trail riders?

Leave your lights just snug enough to be secure but loose enough for on the fly adjustments depending on the trail situation.

So, most importantly, visibility. Not only for you inside your vehicle, but also making yourself as visible as possible to others. For Ford Bronco's the addition of POD lights on the factory accessory spot next to your mirrors. These should be kept just loose enough to allow for on the fly adjustments. Amber Fogs - snow, rain, dust and more. An amber flood LED is a great addition to ANY vehicle. Light bars - Lasfit light bars have unique lighting array that looks amazing on trails. Back up and reverse light bar. Using the Lasfit 360 bracket you can adjust the light on the trail for even the people behind you. A second or even 3rd Light Bar, you can not have too much light on the trail.



Fantastic trail with Adam and Kelly! Here they also shared with us all the important info of Wilson Creek Trail.

Name of the trail:
Wilson Creek - Stewart Gulch - Opelene Gulch - Lower Hardtrigger
Melba Idaho
18.27 miles
Best time of year to go:
Key Features:
Unique geography, soils and rocks. Very "Moab" looking - complete with a similar type of clay soil that can possibly damage components if not properly cleaned off. (especially on MTB's)
Phone Numbers for local help:
Grid Coordinates:
latitude 44.515611 longitude -116.186502
Tire Pressure Advice:
Air down to 26-29 PSI for comfort
Rig requirements (Example, must be 4x4 with lift kit, or standard 4x4):
4x4 High clearance Lockers Recommended
Other considerations:
Watch out for rattle snakes during the summer months!

Check out their fun trail video @50 & Fabulous Adventures if you're interested.👇

*Updated: Adam and Kelly were on another trail and would like to share some of their shots with all of you guys!



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