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Tips Before You Buy Floor Mat For Tesla Model Y & 3

by Lasfit Official March 15, 2023

Tips Before You Buy Floor Mat For Tesla Model Y & 3

If you own a Tesla Model Y or Model 3, you'll know that keeping the interior clean is crucial and can be a challenge. One of the best ways to protect the interior of your Tesla is to purchase a set of floor mats. However, with so many different options on the market, Tesla owners will have many problems when buying floor mats. It's difficult to make a decision.

In this article, we'll provide a brief introduction to floor mat knowledge to Tesla owners. We will offer some tips to help you choose the right floor mats for your Tesla.


Why Are Floor Mats Important To Your Tesla?

1. Protect Your Carpets

If you have kids or pets, if you enjoy spending time in nature, or if you like to engage in outdoor activities or short trips on weekends, your shoes will inevitably come into dirt, sand, ice, snow, or rainwater. Perhaps you eat and drink in the car, and spills are known to happen. Floor mats can protect your car's floors from this dirt and mess, while also making them easier to clean. Just remove the mats for a quick wipe down.


2. It Looks Better

Floor mats can improve the appearance of your interior. They can make Tesla's interior look more premium, sleek, and unified, giving Tesla a more upscale appearance.


3. Help Maintain The Value of Your Tesla

If you plan to resell your Tesla, having these floor mats can help you fetch a higher resale value, as buyers may lose interest due to dirty or worn out floors. Floor mats make the floors look brand new, which is very useful when selling.


Tips For Choosing The Right Floor Mats For Your Tesla

1. Adequate Coverage

The coverage is an important consideration when choosing floor mats, as it helps protect the original carpet and covers as many corners and edges as possible to prevent debris and dirt from falling into the crevices, making cleaning more difficult and increasing the difficulty of cleaning. If there is a floor mat with a wide enough coverage area, we can easily remove the mat, clean it, and put it back in the car, completing our cleaning work.


2. No Harm

TPE material is the best material choice when purchasing floor mats because it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and safe for our children and pets to use without worrying about their health issues.


3. Durable Enough

As a Tesla owner, we usually use it as our daily car for work and daily use because it can save our expenses. Therefore, as the most frequently used vehicle in daily use, there will naturally be higher requirements for the wear resistance of floor mats. We don't want our floor mats to be worn out by shoes after a few months and have to replace them with new ones. Therefore, TPE material floor mats will be the best choice for Tesla owners.


4. Easy to Clean

The difficulty of cleaning floor mats varies depending on the material. When choosing floor mats, Tesla owners need to consider the difficulty of cleaning as an important factor.


5. More Reasonable Design Patterns

During driving, our feet are on the pedals. If the design of the floor mat can conform to our usage habits, it can provide us with a more comfortable experience and improve driving safety.


6. Applicable to All Weather

If you live in an area covered in snow and ice, or an area with more rainwater, you will need some mats that can withstand severe weather.


7. Budget

The price of floor mats may vary, so you need to choose the right floor mats according to your budget.


What Types of Floor Mats Can Be Considered?

The types of floor mats on the market are usually divided into the following 4 types:

  • Carpet Mats

Carpet mats are often made from tough nylon and/or polypropylene and/or materials like Berber.


  • Vinyl Mats

Most people mistake vinyl for rubber. Vinyl or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), is a polymer that resembles synthetic plastic. It is a cheaper alternative to rubber when you don’t have enough budget.


  • Rubber Mats

They are made of rubber, PVC, and various fillers. This material is more durable.


  • TPE Mats

They are made out of high-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which is similar to a rubber compound but not rubber! They are usually non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly, one of the body-friendly materials. 


How to Clean Floor Mat

  • Carpet Mats

One of the great things about carpet floor mats is that they are very absorbent, but that also makes them a formidable enemy of cleaning, because the dirt easily sticks to the carpet, making it difficult to clean.


  • Vinyl Mats

Vinyl car floor mats require a different process than fabric floor mats. Vinyl mats are super easy to clean and maintain, so you'll have no trouble keeping them looking their best. It's also much easier to clean Vinyl because dirt doesn't stick to it as carpet does.


  • Rubber Mats

Mats made of rubber are stain-resistant and easy to clean, and extremely durable.


  • TPE Mats

TPE material and technical innovations make it easier, simpler, and more effective to clean than rubber mats.


Obviously, if you are looking to buy new floor mats, there are several options, but all-weather TPE floor mats are recognized as the best choice.


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