Must Have Tesla Accessories for Tesla Model Y/3

by Lasfit Official March 09, 2023

Must Have Tesla Accessories for Tesla Model Y/3

Today we are going to introduce Tesla accessories. Tesla accessories can be divided into essentials and optional items, and owners can choose the appropriate products according to their needs. Essential items meet the daily needs of owners, protect the original interior and exterior of the car, reduce the cleaning burden, and keep the car clean and tidy to the maximum, making your Tesla look brand new!


#All-Weather Floor Mats

The original Tesla floor mat was a carpet, which is similar to a sponge. Even if you don't often take your Tesla camping or live in an area with frequent rain, snow, or mud, these carpet mats will still quickly become dirty and easily attract dust, making them difficult to clean. It's unacceptable to us. Therefore, we need something that can better protect our original car floor mats. It should have perfect coverage, be easier to clean and maintain, and be effortless to use.


#Anti Kick Pads

Protect the sides of the center console from dust, footprints, slush, mud, scratches and scuffs to keep your center console clean. It's very easy to apply. It looks like a factory, not aftermarket. Align the edge of the anti kick pads with the car body structure and fix the position. Anyone can do it.

#Back Seat Protector

Reserve the original car seat hole position, and the split design does not affect the car seat to fall down, effectively protecting the original car pile interior from sharp objects and mud. These mats keep your second row seats free from sharp objects and mud when folded or upright, effectively protecting the original car pile interior. The textured skid-resistant surface works with the cargo mat to effectively keep cargo in place.


#Mud Flaps

Do you often feel troubled by your beloved car getting dirty from rain, snow, or mud? Regardless, we hope they can remain clean and look new. The Mud Flaps could protect your Tesla Model Y/3 from snow, salt, sand, rocks, and other debris your wheels throw around. Suitable for all weather and road conditions. The smooth surface does not make it easy to accumulate mud and sand.


#Door Sill Protector

Every time we enter or leave the car, we always unintentionally kick the door sill, leaving obvious marks inside the car. This undoubtedly affects the beauty and cleanliness of the Tesla interior. If there is a product that can protect them, it will keep us away from unnecessary trouble, and we won't need to spend time cleaning the interior frequently because it gets dirty. The door sill protector can not only protect the door sill from scratches, abrasion, kicks and stains, but also be an exquisite interior accessory. Suitable for all weather and road conditions.


#Rear Cargo Mat

Tesla's trunk has a very large blank floor for you to place outdoor, camping, and daily necessities as needed. However, at the same time, it is also necessary to note that without a good protective mat, it is easy to dirty or damage the original carpet. When choosing a trunk mat, the most important thing we need to consider is good materials, such as TPE material, and the ease of cleaning.


#Trunk Organizer

Simply placing a brand new TPE trunk mat is far from enough. With such a large space, how can we organize our items neatly? Storage boxes are a good solution, which not only saves the space, but also makes your trunk look more comfortable. You don't have to worry about these items moving around during driving, which can avoid danger.


#Custom Wheel

During driving, we inevitably encounter a lot of flying sand and stones, and these tiny particles will wear down our wheels, making them look less attractive. If we can install a perfectly fitting set of wheel hub caps for our Tesla, then no matter when, you can have brand new tires!


#Removal Tool Kit

Product is great and installation was pretty easy but if providing a plastic pry tool in the box to make it easier to tuck the product under the soft rubber trim. Using only fingers was doable but took a bit longer.


What Tesla Accessories Am I Missing??

The above are all recommendations, but Tesla accessories are far more than just these. Which products do you most want to upgrade for your Tesla? Leave them below and let us know!

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