Review: Lasfit 3" LED Pods Ditch Light Mount on 2017 Ram 2500

by Lasfit Official April 01, 2022


*This article was originally created by Cameron Sims. All the photos are authorized by Cameron. Thanks to @camwiththeram for sharing such great content with us!

Product: Lasfit 3" LED Pod Lights
Vehicle: 2017 Ram 2500


Initially I was looking at light bars for just added looks with the added bonus of light but I couldn't find one that had the looks, output and price that I wanted. Luckily for me I found lasfit 20in light bar and their 3in pods, both add such a better driving experience and the look I was going for which no one in their price point can compare too. I initially heard/saw about Lasfit from IG after looking up light bars for my truck. I originally thought that Lasfit was only a headlight bulb company. But for my birthday my wife bought me some Lasfit floor mats and then further diving into their website I found the light bars and pods and was hooked, not just that but the response time and customer service was an added bonus.



Beam Pattern I bought: Fog Yellow

Amazing Output: The top feature in my opinion of the light would be output! They're super bright and that makes my driving experience more pleasurable on dark roads.

Low-key Design: The light bar is super thin and the 3in pods are sleek and aren't just another big square.

Ease of install: Lasfit put everything you need in the box to install it in simple applications, if you're wanting to go crazy, some more modifications may be required to your vehicle. The lights are perfect tho.



Before Install
For the three inch pods it has one bracket that bolts on the sides, when installing that make sure you use a locking washer to make sure it doesn't back out from vibrations off-roading.

1. Leave those bolts a little loose. Put your nut and bolt through the bottom mounting hole and into your bracket or whatever you're mounting it too.
2. Once you have it installed where you would like it, the kit comes with ends to use if you have your own power wire or you can use the one sold on the website which comes with a nice toggle switch and relay already pre installed along with connectors to plug and play your lights.
3. Once you get both lights plugged in test make sure it's working. Find a location for your switch, zip tie all of your wires and you're done!


The lights do the fog and snow amazingly well! I have my pods mounted on the hood with the fog pattern more for distance and personal preference. I would definitely recommend buying a white and amber set to have some options at night but if not they sell the filters where I can change my lights to white and amber very easy!



Price, design, output and ease of install are never gonna be beaten off with these pods (and of course with a light bar). As I said, I didn't know that Lasfit had expanded their product line to off-road until I bought a pair of lights. I believe they will have more lights in the future and keep growing in off-road scene!



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April 01, 2022

Nice build man!

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