Review: For My 2017 VW Jetta S Bright Light, H7 LED Replacement

by Lasfit Official March 30, 2022

Review: For My 2017 VW Jetta S Bright Light, H7 LED Replacement

*This content was originally created by Glorianne. All the photos are authorized by Glorianne, as well. Thank you for sharing such great content with us!


These lights were recommended to me by a friend who modifys car for a living. They are brighter than most and do not throw errors!


Purchase Item: pro series H7 LED bulbs

Features and Specs:

  • 60W/set
  • 6000LM/set
  • 6000K bright white
  • Come with apdaters, all-in-one design
  • No error code, no flickering
  • Plug and play

Vehicle's Information: 2017 VW Jetta S

Fits: bright light, regular light

Installation Time: 5-10 mins


Reason Why I Switch to LEDs:

I always loved how the LEDS looked. I always felt like cars with LED lighting stood out. It gives them a polished appearance. They are also much more functional than standard bulbs. Especially living in the woods, as I do. The extra bright, crisp light makes me feels safer because I can see better and everyone can see me coming. As far as appearance and safety factor, it was money well spent. No one’s car jacking a car that is lit up like Las Vegas. 


Product Impression:

Brightness: I bought the entire set to swap out all of my lights, inside and out. The bulbs are crisp and bright and give the car a superior look.

Ease of Installation: I am a female who modifys my car with the help of my brothers and my dad. I was able to install most of these bulbs by myself with no help.

Design: The dim lights are amazing. These bulbs were recommended to me and made a world of difference.

Customer Service Has Been Great: Twice I received the wrong item. The bulb was listed as a fit on the website but when I got the bulb, it did not fit. Both times the problem was rectified quickly and professionally and I received the correct item within a week. Great customer service!


LED Lights Overview:

Truly Simple Plug & Play Installation: No worry about the loose installation or can't find the right way to make the adapter locked tightly in the housing. You just need to take out the OEM adapter and install ours. Super Easy Installation: They allow you to have a simple and fast installation within 10-15 minutes.

Compatible Friendly: 
All you need to do is remove the old halogen bulb and plug in the new Lasfit Pro series H7 LED light bulb. We made it simple, the way it should have always been.

Outstanding Output: Huge improvement than the stock bulb. No need to spend time adjusting the light pattern. It's already the best orientation.

LASFIT Brand Only: No other brand blends performance, compatible, and genuine product quality quite like us.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 1 Year Hassle Free Warranty, and 45 Days Money Back Guarantee & Free Return.


Real World Test:

You can see the difference in color, between the Lasfit regular light bulb and stock bright light bulb.



Have also bought the available interior bulbs for my 2017 Jetta S.
Halogens (left) vs LEDs (right)



Personal Thoughts:

Other than my regular halogens not being very bright and clear enough. I changed my low light bulbs because I had tinted the covers and could not see clearly. The Lasfit lo beam replacement was unbelievable. I could not believe the difference. I was hooked. Slowly I started ordering all the bulbs. The map light interior bulb alone made such a difference. I’m hooked! I’ve been telling everyone to swap their bulbs to Lasfit.



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