Lasfit 5TH Gen 4Runner Floor Mats - Full Review

by Lasfit Official October 25, 2021

Lasfit 5TH Gen 4Runner Floor Mats - Full Review

Lasfit 5TH Gen 4Runner Floor Mats


If you are looking for a high-quality 5TH Gen 4Runner floor mat that will keep all the dirt and grim on the floor mat rather than on your interior, then Lasfit floor mats are the way to go. “From my experience these mats are truly on of the best on the market. The coverage area, price, material, easy cleaning, and warranty beat out the competition in all areas. My experience with OEM and others had me wanting more from a floor mat as I was tired of fitment issues, regaining a clean mat, and having to vacuum out the carpet from the lack of coverage. Lasfit floor mats solved all of that for me.”

“I can also say from a customer’s experience running multiple Lasfit products their design, functionality, and support is top notch”, said by 5TH Gen 4Runner owners. He’s also one of Lasfit’s loyal customers.


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4Runner Floor Mats Material

Lasfit floor mats are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which is an environmentally friendly material free of allergens, BPA, Latex, PVC, lead, phthalates, dioxins, cadmium, and other notorious offenders. They don’t emit any strange smell like some plastics out there. The benefit of them not only having an excellent floor mat is you are also using a safe product without the harmful chemicals and helping the environment.

Lasfit uses as injection molding process that allows for a flexible and soft material. This process provides a rugged durability and excellent grip for those wet, muddy, and snowy days. The TPE material prevents the mats from cracking, curling, or hardening on the hottest and coldest of days. “This is a huge problem that Lasfit avoids”.



4Runner Floor Mats Installation

Installing floor mats are straight forward in the 4Runner. The Lasfit mats are designed to fit into the factory retention post on the driver and passenger side. It’s as simple as turning the post to the unlocked position, remove the current mats, place the Lasfit mats in, and finally lock it in place. The rear mats will just lay in place with no need to lock anything down.



4Runner Floor Mats Fitment

“Like a glove” is a good phrase to use here! Lasfit mats fit beautifully into place with no movement. Anti-skid nails hold the liners in place to prevent any shifting of the mats. No need to worry about edges curling up like some other vendors out there. “I was overly impressed with how out of the box these mats lay right into place”. Lasfit uses a 3D precision digital measurement on each vehicle to ensure perfect fitment on your vehicle, these mats cover all areas where you could potentially get mud, dirt, snow, etc on the carpeting.



4Runner Floor Mats Cleaning

Cleaning these mats are just as easy as installing them. Remove them and spray them with a hose or wipe down with a cloth, no excessive scrubbing needed. Previous experience with OEM and other mats did not cleanup this good, they look brand new after each clean up.



4Runner Floor Mats Warranty

Lasfit is offering a lifetime warranty on this, which is incredible! Any issues in the future and Lasfit will have you covered. “They pride themselves in customer support and have phone support and 24/7 email support on all their products”.



Lasfit 4Runenr Floor Mats vs Others

Other Floor Mats

“I have used OEM, other big brand, and now Lasfit floor mats. I can say hands down these are the best. OEM doesn’t cover nearly enough area and I constantly had pull out the mats and vacuum/shampoo the carpet. Some other big brand floor mats cover more area than the OEM but not as much as the Lasfit liners. They curled up on the edges and I could never get them clean after a few off-roading days”, said by the same customer.

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