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Lasfit Switchback Rock Lights Kit Overview & Installation - Month Update

by Lasfit Official June 27, 2023

Lasfit Switchback Rock Lights Kit Overview & Installation  - Month Update

Figured it’s time for a quick update since I installed this rock light kit about a month and a half ago. So far there have been no issues and they’ve been more useful than expected. Here are a few of my thoughts from the past month and a half:

1. Zip ties - If you didn’t read my initial post, I used zip ties for a completely reversible install without drilling holes into my 4runner. I don’t rock crawl so there is no chance at scraping them against a bolder but I have driven through some tall grass/weeds and they have held up so far with no signs of movement. If you drive predominantly on road with mild off-roading, the zip ties should hold up fine.
2. New Switch - Since installing the new OEM style switch (about two weeks after the rock light install), I’ve found myself using them much more. It is much more user friendly and I can clearly see when I have the rock lights turned on compared to the included switch. I also like that I can turn on both the white and amber lights at the same time to create a warmer tone, making these a three-color rock light.
3. Use Cases - I had originally planned to use these as puddle lights, which they have worked well for, but I have also found other great uses for them. Although I haven’t yet worked out the wiring for the doors, even using the lights with the switch has helped spot puddles in the dark. The other great use I’ve found is for backing into my driveway at night. Since the lights are so bright, they shine around the vehicle and help me see the planter border/curb when backing up. Specifically the area at the side of the 4Runner where the reverse lights don’t shine (by the rear quarter panel and rear doors). Tip for those who might not know, tilting the side mirrors down when reversing helps significantly when parking in the city or backing up next to low objects/curbs. I’m sure these rock lights would also be a great ambient light when camping but I haven’t gotten out there yet.
4. Beam Pattern - Someone had mentioned concerns with the focused beam pattern earlier in this thread but I have no complaints with the beam pattern for my particular use. I’ve actually found the lights to be bright enough to reflect off the ground to provide fair coverage around the vehicle, even with nearby street lights. For those looking for a more diffused look, I’m sure the clear lens could be sanded a bit to create a more flood-like pattern (the LEDs should be bright enough to shine through a sanded lens). But I’m sure the focused pattern is more than adequate for most use cases.

I’ll plan to follow up after several more months or sooner if anything significant comes up. For now, here are a few more photos (took some shots while down in Maryland by the ocean):

Here are the white rock lights. They match the headlight color well and look great at night.

Here are the amber rock lights. This matches the marker lights well.

Here you can also see the Lasfit Pro headlight bulb kit (see my other thread for a write up on those)

Here is the color with both amber and white turned on at the same time to produce a warmer white color. Having both on doesn't necessarily double the light output but it definitely changes the color.

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