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How to Install and Wire Lasfit Rock Lights

by Lasfit Official May 16, 2023

How to Install and Wire Lasfit Rock Lights

The Lasfit rock light has been strictly tested and is officially launched! Switch to white or amber with just one touch, no need to change filters or use complicated Bluetooth APP, perfect for any weather conditions! If you're looking for a game-changing off-road adventure, the Lasfit Switchback Rock Lights are sure to take your off-road experience to the next level! Designed for the off-road enthusiast, these high-performance lights feature a power output of 6 watts per pod and a 110° optical angle, making them the perfect addition to any truck, JEEP or SUV.

The following installation guide will give you basic instructions on how to install and connect the Lasfit Rock Light Series Kit. Please disconnect the power before starting the installation.


1. Table of Contents

Mounting Video
Mounting Instructions
Effect Picture After Installation
Questions About the Installation?
Where Can I Buy Lasfit Rock Lights?


2. Accessories

4 Pods Includes:

  • Rock Lights*4
  • 13.12ft Power Cable*2 (For Rear Wheel Side)
  • 8.2ft Power Cable*2 (For Front Wheel Side)
  • Rubber Mounting Pad*4
  • 1 With 8 Pod Cable*1
  • Rock Light Hardware Kit*1
  • Zip Ties*26

8 Pods Includes:

  • Rock Lights*8
  • 13.12ft Power Cable*4 (For Rear Wheel Side)
  • 8.2ft Power Cable*4 (For Front Wheel Side)
  • Rubber Mounting Pad*8
  • 1 With 8 Pod Cable*2
  • Rock Light Hardware Kit*2
  • Zip Ties*52


3. Mounting Video


4. Mounting Instructions

Step 1 - Decide Where To Install
Decide where you want to install the lasfit rock light.

Step 2 - Drill Mounting Holes
Drill suitable mounting holes at the mounting location.

Step 3 - Drill The Wire Holes
If you want to hide the wiring, line up the light with the hole you just drilled, and drill an additional hole in place to run the wire through the mounting surface. Otherwise, the wiring needs to be pulled aside.(Below is the wiring diagram)

Step 4 - Install The Rock Light
Install the light using the included nuts, bolts and washers as shown in the picture below.

Step 5 - Install With Zip Ties(Optional)
You can also use zip ties to mount the rock light to any available connection point, there are tabs on each side of the light.

Step 6 - Switch Wiring
Determine a suitable location to mount the switch, close to the battery or mains terminals. Route the switch wiring to this location.

Step 7 - Connect The Battery
Connect the input wire to the positive battery. Connect the ground wire to the negative terminal of the battery or the original factory ground point. 

Step 8 - Select Switch Location
Determine a suitable location to mount the switch in the cab of the vehicle.
Route the switch wiring to this location. This may require going through the vehicle firewall. We recommend following the path of the original factory wiring harness and unplugging the switch while routing.

Step 9 - Install The Switch
Drill a hole or mount the switch to anywhere you want. and install the switch. Reconnect the wires to the switch.

Step 10 - Routing Extension Wires
Determine which extension cords and splitters are included in the kit. Route extension wires to each LED, keeping any moving parts out of direct contact with heat sources. Following the original factory arrangement is best practice.

Step 11 - Reconnect The Battery
Reconnect the negative terminal of the battery and test. Secure any excess or loose wiring.


5. Effect Picture After Installation


6. Questions About the Installation?

If you have any questions or problems installing the Lasfit rock light kit, please contact us for further assistance.


7. Where Can I Buy Lasfit Rock Lights?

If you are going to use Lasfit rock light to upgrade your vehicle, please click the link below or log in to our LASFIT official webpage to choose.

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