How To Install Lasfit Mud Flaps On Tesla

by Lasfit Official May 18, 2023

how to install LASFIT door mud flaps on Tesla

LASFIT mud flaps are made of strong PP material, sturdy, durable, and impact-resistant with good stretchability. The mud flaps protect your Tesla from snow, salt, sand, rocks, and other debris your wheels throw around. Suitable for all weather and road conditions. The following installation guide will give you basic instructions on how to install LASFIT mud flaps kit.


1. Table of Contents


Installation Instructions

Effect picture after installation



Where Can I Buy Lasfit Mud Flaps?


2. Accessories


Lasfit Mud Flaps Includes:

  • Front Mud Flaps (Left and Right)*2
  • Rear Mud Flaps (Left and Right)*2
  • Rivets*10
  • Clips*10
  • User Manual*1


3. Installation Instructions

Note:Please insert the clip into the hole first, then insert the rivet into the clip.

Front Mud Flaps

Step 1 - Locate the front mud flaps mounting location.

Step 2 - Remove the original rivets and clips.

Step 3 - Attach the mud flaps.

Step 4 - Insert the clips.

Step 5 - Insert the rivets.


Rear Mud Flaps

Step 1 - Locate the rear mud flaps mounting location.

Step 2 - Remove the original rivets and clips, and one screw at the bottom.

Step 3 - Attach the mud flaps.

Step 4 - Insert the clips.

Step 5 - Insert the rivets.

Step 6 - Install the screw at the bottom.


4. Attention

  1. When receiving the package, please check whether the accessories are complete before installation.
  2. The use temperature of the product is-30 °C to 80 °C. To ensure the product can work well, please do not stay in extreme temperature for a long time.
  3. When you find the product is deformed and cannot be restored, please disassemble it in time.
  4. To ensure the proper function of the screws, please do not disassemble the product after installation.
  5. Please do not use alcohol with a concentration of more than 30% to clean the product.


5. Effect Picture After Installation


6. FAQ

Q1: Do I need to drill holes in the wheel liner to install it?

A1: No need to drill holes. Just remove the screws from the original car holes and align the mudguard with the original car holes to install.


Q2: What type of material is used?

A2: Made of high quality PP and TPE materials, non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly. It has good performance in elasticity, impact resistance and scratch resistance.


Q3: Are they easy to clean?

A3: Yes, it is very easy to clean. You just need to rinse it with a water gun when you wash your car.


Q4: Will it destroy the paint when I install it?

A4: No, LASFIT Mud Guards are specifically custom-cut for model 3. Drilling less can avoid destroying the paint.


Q5: Does this product fit for 2022 Model 3?

A5: Yes, fits very well.


7. Where Can I Buy Lasfit Mud Flaps?

If you are going to use Lasfit mud flaps to upgrade your vehicle, please click the link below or log in to our LASFIT official webpage to choose.


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