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How To Install Lasfit LA Plus Series LED Bulbs

by Lasfit Official June 29, 2023

How To Install Lasfit LA Plus Series LED Bulbs

When searching online, you will find many options for the led upgrade, and if you've tried led products, you may probably find that most bulbs on the market are too big to install or come with the issue that too hard to get the dust cap fit back on the housing. If you're looking for the led replacement that fits nicely inside the housing with no struggle. The gray moisture cap on the light housing fit back on with no trouble.

This is the new design LA plus series led bulb with a brand new appearance, which will be highly recommended for you. They got the shorter size for plug and play installation. Great at night for seeing signs in the distance.


1.Table of Contents

Preparation Before Installation
Lasfit LA PLUS Series LED Bulb Step by Step Installation
Effect Picture After Installation
Correct Direction Suggestions
How to Get The Right Bulb Size
Where Can I Buy Lasfit LA PLUS Series LED Bulb?


2.Preparation Before Installation

Before starting to install LA PLUS series lights, it will be helpful for you to watch the following installation instruction video.


3.Lasfit LA PLUS Series LED Bulb Step by Step Installation



4.Effect Picture After Installation


5.Correct Direction Suggestions


6. How to Get The Right Bulb Size

There is a Fitment query function on the Lasfit.com website, you only need to enter relevant information, the specific operation is as follows.
1. In the navigation bar, after entering the corresponding information in order, the search results will display the corresponding products.

2. By Vehicle: By querying a specific model, you can find all the product links of the model, and then find the product page that needs to be purchased.

For more operation details, please check our BLOG article: How To Find The Right Bulb Size



Q1: The model of lamps I purchased is different from my OEM halogen lamps. Can I get an exchange for the correct model?
A1: The main reasons:
(1) Amazon Confirmed Fit system is not 100%o accurate.
(2) Your headlight assembly is not an OEM part.
Please double check the model of your OEM halogen bulb. And contact our Customer Service.

Q2: The size of the lamnps is not correct, they're either too long or too wide, and LED lamps can't be installed into the headlight assembly. How can I get proper size lamps for my car?
A2: Some LED lamps are not in a 1:1 ratio with the OEM halogen bulbs. The large base is for better heat dissipation and prolonging the life of the lamps. If the lamps are not suitable for installation,please contact thne CustomerService.

Q3: Do you meet the five phenomenons below?
(1) Errors on instrument panel;
(2) The Lamp keeps flashing;
(3) Can't switch between high and low beams;
(4) High and low beam reversed;
(5) The Lamp does not turn on or off.
A3: The above phenomenons are decoding problems, which are mainly caused by the automotive computer failing to detect the correct signal. You can contact Customer Service to obtain the decoder and solve the decoding problem.
(decoder installation drawing or video)

Q4: How to adjust the lamps to 3-9 o'clock? l've read all the instructions, but still can't find the method.
A4: We recommend keeping the LED chips facinng the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions to ensure the best beam pattern and visual effect. However, it is impossible to adjust to this position for some vehicles. There is no need to worry about the position of
the LED chips as long as the beam pattern is acceptable.

Q5: Why my daytime running lights/DRL are not working or flickering?
A5: Sometimes, if your 9005 bulbs and daytime running lights use the same bulbs, the daytime running lights may not working or flickering because of low voltage, the only solution is disabling the DRLs' function on the setting, please reconsider before placing an order.

Q6: False Compatibility, this LED Bulb doesn't fit my vehicle?
A6: (1) Open the shopping link of the product, enter your model in the fitment at the top, and it will prompt whether it is suitabole.
(2) Contact us directly by email.


8.Where Can I Buy Lasfit LA PLUS series led lights?

The advancement of modern automotive lighting technology has brought a new visual experience and driving safety. In the field of car lights, LASFIT LA PLUS car lights are unique in innovation and excellent performance.
First of all, LASFIT LA PLUS headlights are based on advanced LED technology, featuring high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection. Whether driving at night or in foggy weather, LA PLUS headlights can provide clear and bright vision, improve driving safety, and ensure that you can enjoy the best lighting effects in different environments.
Secondly, LASFIT LA PLUS lights also have a stylish design, which perfectly blends with various car styles. The unique lamp group shape and streamlined outline not only add a sense of movement and technology to your vehicle, but also demonstrate your taste and personality.
In addition, LASFIT LA PLUS lamps also have long life and stable performance, which greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement, saving you time and cost. Make your driving journey more convenient and comfortable.
Choose LASFIT LA PLUS headlights now to inject infinite brilliance and safety into your car. Make your driving experience more safe, comfortable and stylish. Hurry up and let LASFIT LA PLUS headlights become the shining star of your driving journey!

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