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How to Install LASFIT LED Switchback Fog Lights on Honda Civic

by Lasfit Official September 12, 2023

LASFIT LED Switchback Fog Lights

*This article was originally created by BlazeFK7. All the photos and content are authorized by BlazeFK7. Many thanks to him for sharing such great content and stunning pictures with us!

1. Lasfit LED Switchback Fog Lights

Hey everyone! Today we will be installing some new Lasfit switchback fog lights for the 10th gen Civic Hatch. So let's open this up. It’s just a quick instruction manual. We get two Lasfit stickers. These are the new light bulbs for the fog lights. So these are switchbacks, which mean that they're able to switch color into yellow, and they're a lot brighter than the stock halogen bulbs. 

Lasfit LED Switchback Fog Lights

2. The Stock Bulbs

So currently, these are the stock bulbs. You can see they're pretty small, but they look all right. But when you're driving late at night, and you want a little bit more visibility, having LED light bulbs will be a pretty big help.

The Stock Bulbs

3. Installation Guidelines
3.1 The Tools You Need

So first thing what you want to do is grabbing your jack and these two tools right over here. I believe that's all you need, just for jacking up the car, just these three items right over here. 

The Tools You Need

3.2 Jack Up the Car

And we're now in the FK7. All right now once we're in shade, let's properly jack up the car. So once you guys get the jack, make sure you have it mounted around this side. Make sure this side is pointing out. 

Get the jack

Let's see if we can find the jack point. What you want to be looking for is right over here. That's the jack point for the car. 

Jack point

Once it's aligned, you can start twisting it this way until it connects and feels strong. 

Twisting the jack

From there, you grab this tool. You get it there and with this other tool you just have. You just get this tool, make sure it gets inside, and then make sure you twist to your right, so clockwise. 

Jack Up the Car

3.3 Reach the Stock Fog Lights

So once you're done jacking it up. I like to just get this tool on. And getting underneath the car rick and getting a prying tool like this. There's going to be three brackets, see if it zooms in. What you want to do is basically, there should be some kind of like bolt right over there, you just want to keep prying this with this tool, until you know you're able to grab it out.

Pry the bolts

Anyway so once that's over, you're able to just reach under. But I believe that one right there with this yellow switch right over there, that's the fog light. You just want to disconnect that and replace it with a new one.

Reach the Stock Fog Lights

3.4 Take the Stock Fog Lights Out Of the Car

So you want to grab this. Gotta twist it all the way to the left. But once you get that out, just take it out of the car. Once you got the bowl, what you want to do is press this down. You just have to pull with the other hand. That's how you do it. Make sure not to touch it with just your bare hands. I recommend getting gloves, because these bulbs can burn pretty badly. I believe you just have like your finger oils on it or whatever.

Take the Stock Fog Lights Out Of the Car_1

Take the Stock Fog Lights Out Of the Car_2

Take the Stock Fog Lights Out Of the Car_3

Take the Stock Fog Lights Out Of the Car_4

3.5 A Comparison between the Stock Fog Lights and the LED Bulbs

So moving on to the Lasfit bulbs. You notice that there are obviously a lot bigger. It's a lot thicker as well when you compare the back. This actually has a fan built in. Just to help with the cooling effects. 

A Comparison between the Stock Fog Lights and the LED Bulbs

3.6 Connect the LED Bulbs

Here's this end and you need to grab the other part. And make sure they're lined up. Once that's plugged in correctly, you want to start tightening it. And moving on from here. This is the new outlet that you'll just connect straight to your bulb. Should be very simple. So make sure you once you have it connected. 

Connect the LED Bulbs_1

Connect the LED Bulbs_2

3.7 Installation Effect

Let's go! Turn on your car, make sure lights are on, and turn on the fog lights. Look! how bright that is. This thing is so bright. Like right now it's during the day, and it's still so bright, looking at these in person. So I don't know if you guys can hear that, but the fans blowing a little bit of air, just to cool it down, just because it's so bright. And I believe in order if you want to change the colors, you just gotta change the fog light knob again, and just like that. Now they're white. 

Change the color to yellow

Change the fog light knob

Change the color to white

3.8 Complete Installation

Once we're back under the car. Remember there's three tabs right here. And you're gonna try to align it with how the car looks like from there. Now you want to twist it to the left. That's what it feels a little bit tight. And just give it a tug, just to make sure it's all in there. Just put that in there and once that's all done, I just want to put this all back together. All right grab this little piece. Now that's snug. 

Complete Installation_1Complete Installation_2

4. How the Car Looks Like with LED Lights Installed

Again for a final test. Make sure your lights are on. Turn on your fog lights, and they work. And then if I switch it again, yellow, white, yellow, white, yellow, white. That's how you do your fog lights. So this is how the car looks like afterwards with both lights installed. All right with that being done, car just looks so good. 

The Car with LED Lights Installed

Anyways thank you again to Lasfit for sending me this product to review. I highly suggest doing this yourself, it should probably only take an hour and a half at the most. If you are interested in these LED bulbs, please click the link below to purchase.


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