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How to Install LASFIT Floor Mats on Tesla Model Y

by Lasfit Official September 13, 2023

 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

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1. The Appearance of Lasfit Floor Mats
1.1 The Appearance of Lasfit Cargo Mats

We're unboxing these new Lasfit all-weather floor mats for the Tesla Model Y. The cargo mat has the Lasfit emblem right here. That's actually cool.

Lasfit Emblem

Of course I'm not getting cuts from anything because it is really soft rubber. It kind of adds a style to Tesla Model Y. It'll match the floor mats. I really like the grooves here, so when it gets wet, then all the water would go here, and it won't spill out. It actually might drip out, because there's not really a bucket feeling here. 

Grooves on the cargo mat

There's also a line here, so when you open this up. You could still open it up, and then you could just push it down, and it will hold it. So this is like well-rounded for people, for rainy weather. If you're going to the beach, then it'll contain all the water and sand here. Or if you're in the snowy areas, all the water would stay contained here.

A line on the cargo mat

1.2 The Appearance of Lasfit 1st and 2nd Row Mats

When they come in in the box, they're a little bit wrinkled. But that's because they've been rolled up in that little tube, so we want to lay them out in the sun and let the sun soften the rubber up a little bit.

Lay the floor mats out in the sun


2. Installation Guide

You have no clue how bad I needed these floor mats. The carpet in this car just takes a beating. It's so bad. I clean it all the time and it just does not matter. 

The carpet in the car_1

Trunk is the same, there are some wadding from a shoe and a pair or shoes. It's just bad, so these should help a lot. 

The carpet in the car_2

2.1 Install the Cargo Mat

All right time to get these put in. We got car all vacuumed out. We'll start with the cargo map. First should be pretty straightforward. So you just drop right in. So we'll snug it up in the front there. It's tight. Looks like it fits really well. It stops right before the hatch, so it isn’t like it’s wrinkled or compressed. 

Install the Cargo Mat

Look at that, just enough room to grab this. You can still open the hatch and lays down flat.

Open the hatch

It stops right before the hatch, so it doesn't like wrinkle or compress or get kind of pinched there. 

The cargo mat stops right before the hatch

2.2 Install the Second Row Mat

We'll go ahead and do the back seat next. It's a one-piece second row mat. Put this in backwards. That'll work. Be a lot easier if we're gonna put the front down first. 

Install the Second Row Mat

That fits really nice. Look at that. It's like it was made for this.

Second Row Mat

2.3 Install the Driver's Seat Floor Mat

We'll go front in. It's real sticky carpet. 

Install the Driver's Seat Floor Mat

So I'm guessing this goes under this. All right front is in. Definitely goes under that little lip right there, and the same thing right here, that makes it fit a lot better. 

The tab of the mat goes under the lip

2.4 Install the Passenger Seat Floor Mat

This one looks like it's gonna do the same thing. This little tab right here. Looks like it's going to go underneath my pillar or my kick panel. 

Little tab of the mat

Drops in. Look at that, it's just like molded right around that corner. 

The corner of the mat

See the edge disappears underneath the trim.

The edge of the mat disappears underneath the trim

3. Installation Effect

I’ve already put it into work here with the Lasfit mat and loaded up some center blocks in the back of the car. Hopefully they doesn't scratch it too much.

Not bad for a car. We can just take this mat full of concrete dust out. Pull it out, shake it in the driveway. It’s good as new. It's just dusty now instead of rocks everywhere. These Lasfit mats coming in handy. 

The mat full of concrete dust

I like them a lot. I've loaded plenty of concrete in here. Obviously they protected the carpet underneath. Doing their job. I'm sure my kids have ruined the back seats, but again floor mats are holding up great. Look at the seats. These kids just throw whatever mud and dirt they want around, but floor mats are taking it. 

Floor mat holds up well

4. Easy to Clean

This is relatively easy to clean. We're just going to take this out and you can see it's pretty dirty, and then we're just gonna take out all of the dirt, so all the dust is taken. 

Take out all of the dirt

Then we're gonna wash it. We would just put it back in. You could just wipe it down with the clean microfiber towel. Just to get all the remaining water out. 

Hose the floor mats down Wipe the floor mats down with the towel

This trunk mat is pretty cool. I actually like how it looks and actually matches the floor mats. As you can see right here. And now we have full coverage with Lasfit floor liners. 

Have full coverage with Lasfit floor liners

The floor mat is doing its job, just fine. It fits really well and looks good overall. Just a great set of floor mats. If you want them, you can click the link below to purchase. Lasfit makes these for all kinds of different cars. If you're not sure if Lasfit makes them for your car, you can go on the website, search by your make and model and find out. 


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