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How to Install LASFIT Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats on Tesla

by Lasfit Official September 14, 2023

How to Install LASFIT Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats on Tesla

*This article was originally created by Jae The Dev and Garrick_ish. All the photos and content are authorized by Jae The Dev and Garrick_ish. Many thanks to them for sharing such great content and stunning pictures with us!

Hey! Today we are going to install the Lasfit second row seats back covers.

1. The Compatibility of the Seats Back Cover Mats

The Lasfit second row seats back cover is only available for the 5-seater and second row of the 7-seater Tesla Model Y. Now Lasfit is not just a Tesla aftermarket company, we do make a lot of high quality products for a lot of makes and models out there. 

2. What are Included

In the package, it's going to come with three pieces. You're going to have your centerpiece, and then you're going to have one on your right-hand side, and you're going to have one on the left-hand side. This is a high quality mat. You could definitely feel and touch it. It definitely has all the cutouts, and we're going to install them and make sure that the cutouts are just proper spots. 

Three pieces of the seats back cover mats

3. The Appearance of the Seats Back Cover Mats

3.1 The Velcro of the Seats Back Cover Mats

If you look on the back side of the mat, you're going to see that there's actually a lot of Velcro here. This is really well-designed. Lasfit put a good amount here to make sure that the mats don't come off the back seat of the car. As you can see here, on the other piece of the mat, you can see that there's plenty of Velcro here even down the middle, even down the edge, throughout the mat itself. And that shows you it's really good quality. Lasfit really cares about the user experience. We want to make sure that if you are buying something, it's not going to fall off the back seat of the car.

The Velcro of the seats back cover mats

3.2 The Lips of the Seats Back Cover Mats

As you can see here with these mats, there's actually a lip on each piece. If you had a flat mat, what happens is that when you start sliding things in out of your car, the mat is gonna pull off. Because it's sticking out with these lips here, it's actually going to go in between these seats, making sure it doesn't come off. Lasfit put enough Velcro on these mats, because it's going to stick to the back seats without having any issues. 

The lips on the seats back cover mat

4. Installation Guide

Let's go ahead and start installing these and see what they look like. 

We do have these lined up ready to go. Very easy to see which one goes with which as you notice this outside part, kind of concave, and we do have the cutout right here that matches up.

The cutout of the seats back cover mat

To install, you could lift that little area cover that we all hide our stuff in and move it up just accordingly, so you can get in here and place it.

Lift the little cover

So all we really literally have to do is put on top. The hardest part is right here, getting this little spot in, where the seat belt latch goes for a child safety seat. Literally we're already installed on this side. Easy enough. 

Get the little spot in

We can see this one goes right here. Go ahead, squish that down. It does have the 60/40 split, so it does have the outline right here, so it can make it through. And we already have these two installed already. Simple as that. 

The outline of the seats back cover mat

Let's install the other, and we'll be done. We're on the passenger side, this is the last side to do. Very easy so far. Let's just flip this all around, line it up. Accordingly the Velcro does give a good bit too. Push this down and just like that. we are all set. It still has a spot to cut through to go ahead for the middle area to release that 60/40.  

Push the seats back cover mat down

We're good to go. It looks pretty good while down. Definitely protective material. It's a very sturdy TPE. Let's go ahead and put it back together to see what it looks like from the back. It is all in and looking good. Definitely it fits perfectly. Definitely it's easy installation as you guys saw.

What the seats back cover mat looks like

Let's get in and take a closer peek. It's kind of this TPE material that you can just feel the quality. And once it gets knocked into, it's not going anywhere. It'll definitely take some force on it, and not damage anything. Definitely cool. 

TPE material

5. User Experience

The installation was really really simple, really really easy. There is really nothing to it. One of the main purposes to have these mats is to protect the rear seats of your car. And you know it doesn't matter if you're picking them up soil, or you're picking up plants. You want to make sure that the back of your car is covered. 

6. Easy to Clean

If something does spill onto these rear covers, they're easy to clean. All you have to do is take it out, wipe it or hose it down, and put it back in. They look great. Installation was easy. And it works 100%.

If you're interested in picking up a set of these mats, you can definitely click the link below and have a purchase.


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