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How to Install LASFIT LAair H11 LED Bulbs on Honda Civic

by Lasfit Official September 08, 2023

How to Install LASFIT LAair H11 LED Bulbs on Honda Civic

*This article was originally created by Wanderlustfive. All the photos and content are authorized by Wanderlustfive. Many thanks to him for sharing such great content and stunning pictures with us!

This time it's going to be on the Civic. So you might have seen some of the videos before where I teamed up on the 4Runner, which is out there, and we did some headlights, some blinkers, some LED pods, and they were all from Lasfit. So, Lasfit reached out and they asked if I wanted to try some bulbs on the Civic and of course I said yes. I Had really good luck with the 4Runner so far. As far as every product they sent is always quick and it's a very very nice product. So we're gonna go ahead and replace the bulbs right here. 

Replace the bulbs

1. What does the Housing look like

So we're gonna go from halogen to LED. And the good thing about these Honda Civics is they're all the same over the years, not much has changed. So when you look back here, it's basically just a clip style and that's on both sides. So whether it's the high beam or low beam, you have a clip with a churn bulb so this should be really really quick and easy to install. As you can see, I have gloves on because they sent me gloves to put in the new headlights. Because it will mess it up.


2. The Specs of the LAair H11 LED Bulbs

So very similar to the 4Runner. And these are the LED version. So there are a lot of specs on these. Turn it over. It's 12-16 volts, 70 watt/set or 30 watt/bulb, 6000k color temperature and one year warranty, 7000 lumens for the set.

LAair H11 LED Bulbs


3. What are Included

So pretty pretty bright, and we're replacing a traditional halogen bulb. In the box, there are two bulbs and a set of gloves and then of course the little manual for it. These bulbs are the H8/9/11. So that's basically all the models. They'll fit if your headlight takes that style.

What are Included

4. Installation Guidelines

4.1 Remove the Halogen Bulbs

So we will start the installation. So we're gonna go ahead and start with the passenger side. It is the same on the passenger and driver side. There is really not much in the way, just a little hose right here. And on this side, there's really nothing in the way. So all you're going to do is you're going to go ahead and press down the clip right here and then push down. And this is that clip I was talking about, just a little tab, push it, pull down, and then you're going to take the bulb, and you're going to turn it towards the fender, and it should come right out.


Remove the Halogen Bulbs

Be careful, not to touch the bulbs as these are halogen, and they're pretty sensitive. So here's the difference, LED bulbs, halogen bulbs.  

LED bulbs and halogen bulbs

4.2 Install H11 LED Bulbs

We're going to go ahead and install this one. It is the same process, just reverse, so put it in, turn it to the opposite way towards the driver's side and then plug it in. Let's take the bulb out and replace it. It looks good.

Install H11 LED Bulbs_1

So what we'll do is we'll go ahead and swap out the driver's side now, and we will see what it looks like with the lights on. Driver's side is installed. Okay so this side is a little bit tighter than the other side. Because the harness is right here. You got bigger hands like I do a little tougher to get in.

Install H11 LED Bulbs_2

5. Installation Effect

So let's go ahead and turn the car on and see what they look like. All right so turn the car off with the headlights on because it's a little bit quieter. They are very very bright and look really good. Good color. It's obviously daytime when we're in the garage right now, but I'll do a nighttime shot of these but just for a comparison of the color. I mean that's about the color. The factory headlights were maybe a little wider but still had that yellowish. These are super super white, which is kind of nice. 

Installation Effect_1

Installation Effect_2

They look really good. I do recommend that even though these have a one year warranty. You'll want to go ahead and keep your stock bulbs especially if they worked. There's no reason to chunk them. For no reason. So keep it in the box that they came in, keep the gloves and then pack it in the trunk or keep it in your garage.

But as far as fitment and installation, the Lasfit LED lights fit perfect. Super simple to install. This is two minutes overall. Super simple, look great and as I said before here are all the specs. So the lights are actually LAairH8/9/11 for fitment. Check out Lasfit's website and as I have these longer and longer, I'll do a review. Just to see how they're working, see if there's any issues, see if they cut in and out, anything like that. I doubt I'll have any issues because I've had zero issues on the 4Runner out there. But anyway hope this helps. It was kind of a quick installation. Tells you how to do it, simple enough, and now you see what they look like, the Lasfit LED headlights. If you are interested in them, click on the link below to snap up!


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