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LASFIT Custom Floor Mats on Honda Civic 2016-2021

by Lasfit Official September 01, 2023

LASFIT Custom Floor Mats on Honda Civic 2016-2021

*This article was originally created by BlazeFK7. All the photos and content are authorized by BlazeFK7. Many thanks to him for sharing such great content and stunning pictures with us!

Hey! What's up guys! It's BlazeFK7 here today, and we've got a special package today. So, if you can see right over here, I've got the Lasfit floor mats.

1. A Comparison between Lasfit Floor Mats and others

1.1 Other Floor Mats

I've got some floor mats from the dealership when I first bought the car, so the floor mats that I got from the dealership were actually a little bit better than the ones in the factory. And these were the ones in the factory. You can kind of see, there's little pieces of dirt and rocks, so it was just really hard to get rid of to really clean. Because they just stuck really well to the floor mats. I currently have some all-weather floor mats that I got from the dealership which are a little bit better. But the thing is, the floor mats that I have don't really stick onto the car. They don't have anything to latch onto, so they usually like kind of come off. I'll show you in a minute.

Other Floor Mats_1

Anyway on to the car now. As for the fronts, they're fine because you can see they have these little latches that they can click onto, so they don't really move as much. But you also notice that these floor mats don't cover that section nor do they cover the foot rest. And I noticed on the last two ones that they should be able to cover both the foot rest and that section over there, so you don't have to worry about like taking this out rinsing it and also cleaning. And as for the back, here's where the biggest problem lies, so you can see they're able to just take them out. Oh! you can't really see over there, but they're really detachable and that's the hard part because they don't have anything to click onto. And this middle portion is also exposed. It's unprotected, so it's really hard to vacuum that as well. So you have to do that constantly. But with a new Lasfit floor mats, they should be able to cover all that up. 

Other Floor Mats_1

1.2 Lasfit Floor Mats

This looks so much cleaner than my current ones. They have these little knobs that can latch onto the passenger side, so they won't be disconnected. They have additional latches for the car. And there's a little user manual.

little knobs_1

I really like how they have like a Lasfit logo in the center. And these specific designated spots where you can just clip onto the car. Moving on to the rear pieces, I believe they also have these little knobs where you can clip onto the back. It should keep it in place. And then what I really like is that they have something for the center. It was like kind of carpet-like material but this completely covers the back so this way I don't have to worry about keeping it dirty. 

little knobs_2

something for the centerThese little lines over here that make like a u-shape, also good like a y-shape right over there. You can tell that they put a lot more effort into designing the floor mats versus the one I got from the dealership. You know there's more like straight lines which isn't bad but the Lasfit floor mat just looks a little bit better in my opinion.


2. Installation Guidelines

2.1 Install on the Driver's Side

So I kind of just bolted it on really quick. It's super simple. You just deflate, move your seat back a little bit and just put it right on top. And immediately they covered up the footrest where I usually rest my foot. So they make sure no dirt gets over there and then you can see the little dirt live track from over the years. But at least it's covered a little bit with this side that they have on the Lasfit mats. 

Driver's Side_1So here I've got the right side, you just push it down and you twist. It this way and then that's how it sticks. 

Driver's Side_2So super simple design from Lasfit. It looks really nice. If I get in the car, the place where you rest your foot, it's covered now by the Lasfit mat. So you don't have to worry about cleaning. It looks really nice. So it's got like a Lasfit center logo. It's not too big and looks just right okay. 

Driver's Side_3

2.2 Install on the Passenger's Side

So I took out the floor mat that I had before. And again just gotta reach into the car, pull it back, push it down. That's simple. 

Passenger's Side

2.3 Install on the Rear Seats

Let me go put this in the back. And so in the back, I've installed the new floor mats. And I immediately noticed if I try moving them with my feet, they don't really move at all. Because before when I had the other mats, they kept like moving around. And you can tell with the other mats which were kind of flimsy and every time I look behind, I looked at my past my rear seats, I was always wondering why don't they just stick. It's also really bothering me.

Rear SeatsAlso this part wasn't covered. But now with Lasfit, they give you this little center console piece that you just kind of wrap underneath the new one. You just put the new floor mats on top of it to make sure it stays. It doesn't move at all. It doesn't budge. You can try like usually you have people just sitting over here. They won't  move the center piece at all. But if you try moving it, grabbing onto it, it doesn't budge, which is really good. You don't have to take these out very often at all. Again I'm moving my feet, I'm just driving fast spirited, moving around. They don't move at all. They're clipped on. They stay there. So I will be saying goodbye to these floor mats, and I'm just happy to have the new Lasfit floor mat.

center piece3. User experience

If you guys really want a good floor mat, I would highly suggest Lasfit floor mat. So I believe they cost around 130 dollars but they're made for all weather and they're a lot better than the ones you get from the factory or just the ones you get from the dealership. Because as you saw, all my clips they clip on and they're really planted and they don't budge so that means you don't have to see them move around a lot, and something with me, I think I have like OCD, so sometimes every time I look back in my passenger seat, they're always just out of place. So this way, these ones clip on. So I highly recommend them. If you're interested in these floor mats from Lasfit, please click on the link below to purchase.


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