10 Best New SUVs, Cars, Trucks of 2022 With Lasfit Floor Mats

by Lasfit Official July 03, 2022

10 Best New SUVs, Cars, Trucks of 2022 With Lasfit Floor Mats

Some of the following dates and contens are used from www.caranddriver.com. 


Even though 2022 is halfway through, picking the top new cars, trucks, and SUVs, is still a hot topic. Here we picked 10 models according to 2022 Editors' Choice of caranddriver.com. And Lasfit has custom-made All-weather floor mats of all models listed below, Let's have a check.


1. Compact SUV: Honda CR-V

The 2022 Honda CR-V won't accelerate anyone's heart rate, but its capacious interior and fuel-efficient powertrains make it a compelling compact crossover. The Honda isn't necessarily fun to drive, and neither its standard turbocharged gas engine nor the hybrid model qualifies as quick, but it steers and stops without any fuss. Its ride is also relaxing on long hauls, just go easy on the gas to avoid the base engine's noisy drone.

 2. Mid-Size SUV: Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai's Palisade SUV aims for a class-above experience and nearly nails it, especially on upper trims where its cabin could be confused for one of the Genesis brand's luxury vehicles. It's not a Genesis, despite the look and feel, and it instead shares its platform with the also-excellent Kia Telluride.

 3. Mid-Size SUV: Jeep Grand Cherokee

When you close your eyes and think of a Jeep, it's likely that the rough-and-tumble Wrangler comes to mind, but the Grand Cherokee is every bit as important to the success of the famed off-road brand in terms of sales. Its appeal is bolstered by the fact that it pairs impressive off-road capability with on-road refinement, offers lots of available luxury appointments and features, and has the rugged, outdoorsy look Jeep buyers love.

 4. Mid-Size SUV: Jeep Grand Cherokee L

With legitimate off-road credentials and a three-row interior, the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L is an adventure mobile with room for the whole family. While it will likely see more on-road duty than it will trail time, Jeep offers several capability enhancing features including an adjustable air suspension, a limited-slip rear differential, and three different versions of the brand's Quadra-Drive all-wheel-drive system. 

 5. Compact SUV: Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen's Tiguan is a European take on an American classic—the SUV. It offers more athletic handling than many of its rivals, and its cabin has a restrained vibe with plenty of trendy technology features.

 6. Pickup Trucks: Ford F-150

With a wide range of trims and body styles, the 2022 Ford F-150 is a workhorse that can be outfitted to suit any number of tasks. Contractors and fleet managers will appreciate the low-cost and utilitarian nature of the base XL while oil barons and wealthy ranch owners will feel right at home in the King Ranch or Limited versions.

 7. Pickup Trucks: Ram 1500

Pickups have a variety of talents, but the 2022 Ram 1500 is more talented than most half-ton trucks because it's significantly nicer. Sure, the entry-level models aren't lined with the luscious materials and upscale features of the priciest trims, but they still ride better than the fanciest alternatives thanks to its more sophisticated suspension, which can be made cushier with the available air springs.

 8. Compact Car:Honda Civic

Honda's popular Civic compact car gets a big glow-up for the 2022 model year as it debuts a more grown-up appearance, new features, and a refined cabin design.

 9. Family Sedan: Honda Accord

The 2022 Honda Accord sedan can do most things your average compact crossover can do, and its spry handling will give its driver more of a thrill should they encounter a twisty road. Two turbocharged engines are offered, as is a hybrid powertrain that provides a more efficient twist on the daily commute.

 10. Electric Car: Tesla Model 3

With a near ideal blend of performance, driving range, and accessible pricing, the 2022 Tesla Model 3 is an electric vehicle that lives up to the hype. It's fast—especially the Performance trim—and it's agile, which means the Model 3 is an EV that driving enthusiasts like us can get behind. 

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