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Which Bulb Fit Your Vehicle? |A Compared Automotive LED Bulb Guide For 6 Different Series at Lasfit

by Lasfit Official July 04, 2022

Which Bulb Fit Your Vehicle? |A Compared Automotive LED Bulb Guide For 6 Different Series at Lasfit

Hello Everyone,

Today we are going to talk about LED-style forward lighting. As you may know, we have 6 different types of stylish LED bulbs, to meet different car owners' needs, that may be suitable for your vehicle, but do you know which types of them will exactly fit your vehicle?

One important thing that should be put on the top is to figure out the bulb size of your stock lows and highs, then we move to the introduction of 6 types of LED light bulbs to guide the owners to find their fit.


First, Locate The Right Bulb Number

With more and more automakers fitting LED light bulbs in new vehicles as standard equipment, it’s easy to see that LEDs are the future of automotive lighting. And for good reason. So as a car owner, if you want to replace your factory halogen lamp with LEDs, you may need to know the interior and exterior bulb sizes. Different vehicle has different lights and therefore requires a different bulb size. There are driving lights, fog lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, reverse lights, marker lights and interior lights - just to name a few! Along with all of the different bulbs, there are also different fittings, depending on your vehicle year, make and model. 

There are at least 3 effective ways to locate the bulb number of your vehicle, check our article on how to find the right bulb size for your vehicle to get yours.


What's The Difference Between Lasfit 6 Types of Bulbs?

Among the universal design 5 types. We are going to explain them in package, lumen, wattage, color temperature, cooling fan, the type of drive, product size, and waterproof rate.

Differing from the universal one, we also design the custom program, specific LED bulbs based on OEM assembly housing, which call Pro series to achieve the best of all 3 words - performance, quality, and installation. They are only designed for some specific make/model/year but they are designed to perfectly fit those vehicles.


So, What's The Customer's Feedback?

From L1 plus series, LC plus series, LA plus series, LD plus series, to LS plus series. The LS plus series rank at the top level in all Lasfit universal types, which comes with the brightest light output and newest technological design. And today, all customer's feedback came from LS plus series.


#1 LS Plus Series on 1972 Chevy Suburban · Owner: @Itsawrapd72

● The useful tips during the installation.

The installation is a breeze and very straightforward. The only advise would be to make sure you test fit on the housing before you put them on the vehicle so that you can properly secure the LED bulb to the housing.

● The impression and experience with LS plus series.

I no longer have to replace an entire housing to replace a burnt out light, that i can see more clearly at night and peace of mind knowing that i have a quality product that wont burn out for years to come.
the LED bulbs was the quality of the product themselves. They looked to be very well built and sturdy i felt very confident that these LED's were going to last me a long time.

I live near the Santa Ana river which means a lot of morning fog on my commute to work and much better lighting on my commute home later at night, i love not having to stress my eyes trying to see the lanes on the highway and its much safer for other drivers to see me as well.



#2 LS Plus Series on 2004 Chevy Tahoe · Owner: @donnieray88

My driving condition mostly consist of very dark country roads with lots of deer! These led help me see farther down the road to spot them before I am close to them to avoided hitting them!

So I bought LS plus series for my Chevy Tahoe because I wanted to be able to see the road more efficiently at night. And halogens wasn’t doing the job. Very easy to adjust to what suits you best. According to what vehicle you are using will determine how easy your install will be. The plug and play option is amazing!

The brightness, the fans, and they built in for cooling dependability to help me see the road in all conditions. Better cooling for better operation. No flicker or any issues when I turn them on! Quality was excellent! packaging was A+! Didn’t seem like a cheap product like many other brands are.



#3 LS Plus Series on 2021 Chevy Silverado 2500 Custom · Owner: @thechandlerbond

I live out in the country. I drive in all conditions in my travels. Snow, rain, and dark back roads and when I bought my new 2021 silverado, I was a disappointed to see that it had halogen headlights. Even the high beams just didn't cut it. After some research I came across Lasfit. I ordered the LS plus series headlights and what a difference! I can see deer, rabbits, and any road hazards with much more ease.

I was so pleased I ordered the high beams..then turn signals, and even the back up lights. They solve the issue of finding quality lights they make it easier to upgrade your entire vehicle peace of mind knowing they will last. I can't wait to install fog lights and even the light bar on the truck. I've already started upgrading the rest of the vehicles I own.


Final Word

Despite the various types of LED bulbs, what the owners should be taken into the consideration during their choices is what they need. For example, brightness or installation. The brighter light is commonly in a larger size so the installation space will be a big problem. The smaller ones are commonly in lower brightness so if you want your driving condition to be brighter, then you may not go for them.

Confirm what you are looking for, and then choose the best suit for your vehicles.


Have any question? Feel free to leave your comment below!

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Abdullahi Yusuf

March 04, 2023

I have a 2017 honda crv and I wanted to get led headlights for the vehicle. Which ones should I get I am confused about the different models.

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