How To Find The Right Bulb Size For Your Vehicle

by Lasfit Official December 23, 2019

Automotive Bulb Size Guide

With more and more automakers fitting LED light bulbs in new vehicles as standard equipment, it’s easy to see that LEDs are the future of automotive lighting. And for good reason. So as a car owner, if you want to replace your factory halogen lamp to LEDs, you may need to know the interior and exterior bulb sizes. Different vehicle has different lights and therefore requires a different bulb size. There are driving lights, fog lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, reverse lights, marker lights and interior lights - just to name a few! Along with all of the different bulbs, there are also different fittings, depending on your vehicle year, make and model. 

The following guide will help you get the right bulb size through the different methods, and also some tips when you choose the LED bulbs.

#1 Check your vehicle's assembly, OEM or aftermarket

The aftermarket assembly might have different color (black background or smoke tinted lenses), or it could refer to advanced lighting elements like halo, projector, or colored LED light strips. If you find your assembly contains one or more of those features, it is the aftermarket housing. You need to reach out its manual or website to check the right bulb size.

Aftermarket headlight assembly

#2 Use LASFIT Bulb Finder

To find out which fitting you need for your factory vehicle and the bulb you are buying, you can use our online bulb finder on the home page.

But please attention, if your specific make and model was originally available with a choice of halogen, HID (xenon)  or LED lights, you'll see a drop down bar asking you to choose between the three. Because wiring connectors for halogen and HID lights differ and are not compatible, and factory LEDs are not able to be replaced by other aftermarket LED bulbs. You should stay with the same style that was originally equipped on your specific vehicle.

halogen and HID

#3 Referring to vehicle owner’s manual

You can also contact your vehicle manufacturer for the fitting information, or simply take a look in your vehicle owner’s manual, which should state all the fittings that your vehicle needs for each type of light. Or you could download the electronic manual from the Internet.

1. Find out your vehicle owner's manual or download it from the Internet. Google "year make model + owners manual". 

2. On the catalog, Find the "Bulb Replacement" item and relevant page number.

3. Check out your bulb number 

 #4 Referring to previous bulbs

If you are a bit more hands-on and are able to remove your lights yourself, you can remove the light and take a look at the bulb. The bulb will state the fitting around the casing i.e 'H11'. Take a look at this example:

H11 Halogen Bulb Size

#5 Contact Us

If you still can’t find your bulb numbers, let us do the work for you! Send email to and tell us your year, make, model, and the position you want to replace. Our customer service will help you get the answer. 

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What is the low beam Halogen bulb number on my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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July 06, 2021

What is the bulb for 2013 honda civic ? Low Beam

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