How To Install A Lasfit 22" Light Bar For 2020 + Toyota 4Runners Upper Grille Location?

by Lasfit Official July 02, 2022

Lasfit 22” Light Bar Install for 2020 + Toyota 4Runners Upper Grille Location

*This article was originally created by Allen. All the photos and content are authorized by Allen. He is so professional, attentive, and detailed to share his installation process and tips with more guys. Many thanks to @Allen_jtr for sharing such great content with us!👏👏👏


**Disclaimer: This installation requires a TRD Pro Grille to be installed so the light bar can shine through the front of the grille correctly. This install is for 2020+ 4Runners with TRD Pro Grille. The TRD Pro Grille kit does not use the factory radiator mount.

Due to the new TSS sensor in the lower grille potentially blocking off light from a longer light bar in the 2020+ 4Runners, the upper grille was a good choice to install a quality light bar. The Lasfit 22" Light Bar fits the bill perfectly!


before light bar install


tss sensor
Lasfit 22 Inch Light Bar Install 2020-2023 Toyota 4Runner(3)

Step 1: Take Off The TRD Pro Grille.

Please use the Taco Vinyl’s video link below from YouTube to help with the TRD Pro Grille install. You have to remove the factory pins from the plastic radiator cover. Push those buttons down and they will just pop out. Now with the radiator area exposed, you can begin to install the 22” Lasfit Light Bar.

Step 2: Remove The Factory Clips.

Remove the (2) outer clips that connect the lower grille to the bumper. You will use these two locations to mount your light bar brackets too. (See pictures below)

remove fatory clips

Step 3: Trim the TRD Pro Grille Factory Radiator Bracket Mounting Location.

Trim the TRD Pro Grille Factory Radiator Bracket mounting location. This is in the upper part of the grille on the backside. Since the 2020+ year models do not utilize the factory radiator mount with the TRD Pro Grille, you may want to trim this as not to block the light going through the front of the grille. Also, trimming this will allow the light bar to be mounted as close to the grille as possible, maximizing light output from the light bar. See trim pictures below:

trim line

After Trim:

after trim

Step 4: Mount The Light Bar With The Provided Hardware.

Add 90 Degree “L” brackets to the 22” Lasfit Light Bar loosely using the Lasfit hardware provided into upper hole slots: (2) Short Hex Head Bolts, (2) Small Washers, (2) Small Lock Washers.


Your Light Bar should look like the picture below. Now you’re ready to mount it to the factory 4Runner mounting holes.

lasfit 22 light bar

Step 5: Bolt The 90 Degree “L” Brackets To The Factory 4Runner Upper Grille Mounting Points. 

Bolt the 90 degree “L” brackets to the factory 4Runner upper grille mounting points utilizing the Lasfit provided hardware: (2) Hex Bolts, (4) Larger Washers, (2) Large Lock Washers. (See pictures below). Make sure the “L” brackets are clocked in a way that pushes the Light Bar the furthest forward for maximum light output, and maximum flood capability.

 bracket mounting

l bracket

Step 6: Adjust The Height Of The Light Bar And Tighten All Mounting Hardware.

Now you can tighten the hex bolts that mount the “L” bracket to the sides of your Light Bar. There are several approaches to decide how to adjust the height of the light beam emitting from the light bar. I would say this is up to your preference. I recommend using an open area, at least 300-400 yard long on level ground. Snug the mounting bolts enough to where you can barely rotate the light bar up and down. Turn on your light bar and adjust how your beam looks good to you, then just tighten the side bolts.

Note: There are many methods on how to power the light bar. The Lasfit kit comes with everything you need to power the light bar (when ordering the +Harness kit), including a power switch, super easy.

Wiring Harness

Example of how the light bar performs after install on 2022 4Runner - Rural Road

Factory LED Low Beams & Factory LED High Beams

Factory LED Low  and high Beams

Factory LED High Beams with Lasfit 22” Light Bar (You can see the sharp V Shape)

Factory LED High Beams with Lasfit 22” Light Bar (You can see the sharp V Shape)-1

Lasfit 22” LED Light Bar Only

Lasfit 22” LED Light Bar OnlyLasfit 22 Inch Light Bar Install 2020-2023 Toyota 4Runner(3)


*Hopefully, this helps you out if you're in the market for some new off-road lights and/or are curious about the Lasfit Light Bars. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.


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