Lasfit® Voice - Wireless Car Charger Review

by Lasfit Official August 20, 2021

Lasfit® Voice - Wireless Car Charger Review

Do you know we released two new wireless car chargers? These wireless car chargers are made by one of the best material manufacturers and product manufacturers. We thought you may have some questions about them when you looking into the products and we tried one of the hot-sale version - CC version on 4 vehicles, 2 different phone models and did review videos to help make your choice.


Wireless Car Charger Review List

1. Used on Honda Civic, iPhone 12
2. Used on Jeep Grand Cherokee, iPhone 12 Pro Max
3. Used on BMW, iPhone 12 Pro Max


The First Video

0:47 Unboxing
2:49 Review of wireless charger & phone holder
7:04 Windshield mount strength test on Civic
7:51 Final thoughts

If you want to know how iPhone 12 works on the wireless car charger, just go to 5:08. "If you are looking into a phone mount for your car this is actually a great companion to that wireless CarPlay adapter because I did make a video of the wireless CarPlay adapter. The phone is also secure in the mount even when I'm trying to forcibly try to shake the phone out of the mount There's also a cool feature where if you turn off your car and you forgot your phone you can actually still open and close the device so you won't have to start your car again."

Second Video

1:55 Unboxing
9:57 Automatic arms test
10:29 Wireless test on iPhone 12 Pro Max
12:07 How to mount up on the vent
16:50 Final thoughts

In this video we unbox and review the new wireless car charger. This is a new wireless charger with fast charging capabilities as well as many other features. For those in the market for a capable phone charger/mount this is an awesome option to check out.

Last Video

0:43 Windshield mount strength test on BMW
1:28 Wireless test on iPhone 12 Pro Max
1:40 Installation and use guide

This video showed you how well Lasfit® wireless car charger has been putting with August Texas heat. When the phone holder mounts to the windshield and it gets super hot but it has actually has been holding really tight. You will not have any issues with it falling.



If you're looking for a simple-to-use phone charger and mount that secures your phone in your car, then Lasfit® wireless car charger is the one. Sometimes we forget to charge our phones or we are on the road too long and we run out of battery, so we brought in a car mount that charges your phone wirelessly. It's perfect for couples of smartphones or varying sizes.

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