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LASFIT Pods...The Lights You Didn't Know You Need (Full Review/Install)

by Lasfit Official August 23, 2022

LASFIT Pods...The Lights You Didn't Know You Need (Full Review/Install)

*This article was originally created by Dan. All the photos and content are authorized by Dan. He is so professional, attentive, and detailed to share his installation process and tips with more guys. Many thanks to @FiveOsvt for sharing such great content with us!👏👏👏

Hi, everyone, it's Dan here! I had a chance to test out LASFIT Pod lighting and wanted to share my review of them with you guys. I know how much Raptor guys love their lighting, especially Baja Design, and I was no exception when I had mine.

I spent countless hours on this and hope you guys enjoy this review/install. Any follow up questions please feel free to ask. hoping to do more of these with other products in the future and I take any and all criticism to get better. I will update this post periodically to report how these hold up over time.

LASFIT Pods…the lights you didn’t know you need

lasfit pods

LASFIT, a company that is known for replacement LED bulbs at great prices, little did I know (and maybe you), they also began producing off-road lighting. Specifically I was interested in running their 3” pod lights, which can be purchased for around $130. LASFIT often runs sales and these can be picked up for as cheap as $116. When you compare that to Baja Design Squadron sports, priced at $249, the savings can really start adding up, especially if your goal is to run multiple setups. LASFIT also has an HP (high performance) lineup that is priced at around $249.

I want to be transparent with this review. LASFIT sent me both a set of 3” Sport and HP pod lights at a discounted price, but at no point did they attempt to influence my review. Now that that is out of the way, the question is, how do these stack up against the bigger, more expensive lights on the market? I am going to break this down into a few different segments, so feel free to jump to the ones that interest you most.

What’s in the box?

Whether you choose the Sport Series or the HP Series, you will be receiving a pair of 3” LED pods, 2 pigtails, mounting brackets, and hardware (including Allen keys). The lights are constructed out of aluminum with a very nice black powder coated finish. Please note that a harness is not included and normally adds around $15 to your cost if you do need it. The good news is that the harness includes a switch to get you up and running easily. LASFIT really has some nice packaging and it makes you feel like the quality is there.

lasfit pods unboxing

My initial impression of the lights is that they feel like a quality product that will stand up to the elements, they even carry an IP67 waterproof and impact rating. The lenses are nice and thick and can be swapped out between clear, amber, and yellow with the provided Allen key. One thing to note between the HP and Sport Series is that the HP comes with stainless steel hardware while the Sport has black hardware.

Specification comparison

What’s a review if we are not going to compare specs between other options on the market to get a real idea just how well these stack up to the competition? I feel a fair comparison is to focus on the entry level lineups of a few different manufacturers, but I will be throwing LASFIT’S HP series in the ring because in terms of cost, it is priced equally with the others.

 Specification comparison

From a raw lumens standpoint we can see that the BD squadrons and the Rigid D Series Pro are nearly equal in output and beat out the LASFIT sports by about 1150 lumens. Stepping up to the HP series, the output is 850 lumens more for the same price. The BD and Rigid’s have limited lifetime warranties, while LASFIT offers a 3 year hassle free warranty.


Install is pretty straight forward. Where you choose to mount the lights and route your wires is really a personal decision. Getting the switch fed through the firewall is the most difficult part (a non issue for raptor owners). The switch itself uses double sided tape and can be mounted on your dash. The harness is a simple plug and play into the lights. The connections seem high quality and should keep dust and moisture out. The harness includes an inline fuse, so they even have you covered there.

Required tools

-14mm wrench
-Adjustable wrench (for battery terminal nuts)
-Allen key (provided)
-Zip ties
-Rubbing alcohol or similar

Step 1. Universal mounting brackets installed

Install the universal mounting bracket to the pod itself using the supplied hardware and Allen key (I recommend you wait to fully tighten them before properly aiming them).

universal mounting brackets installed

Step 2. Mount the light to your bracket

Mount the light to your bracket of choice (A-pillar, fog, grill, etc.) using the supplied hardware and 14mm wrench (a ratcheting wrench makes life a little easier). I chose to mount mine to my pre-installed A-Pillar brackets (sold separately).

Mount the light to your bracket

Step 3. Connect the harness to the battery

Connect the negative and then positive leads of the harness to the battery.

Connect the harness to the battery

Step 4. Wiring

Run your wire connections to each pod light and plug them into the pod. For a clean look, run the wiring up to the wiper cowl and into the rubber flap pictured and used zip ties to secure it in other locations. Excess wiring on the passenger side was bundled and hidden behind the firewall shielding. Run the switch wire and driver side pod wire across the cowl from the passenger side. The switch wire was then run into the firewall (the most difficult part). Depending on how and where you run your switch, you may find the wire length a little too short.


Step 5. Mount the stwitch

Decide where you want to mount the switch and clean the area well (I recommend rubbing alcohol). Peel the backing and press the adhesive pad firmly for a few seconds to ensure a good bond.

mount the switch

Step 6. Turn on your light

Turn on your ignition, push your switch, and let there be light!

lasfit pods on 2018 Ford F150

Real World Brightness

We can talk lumens all day but the fact is most people just want to see where the rubber meets the road, or in this case, the light. You have to remember that all of these companies offer different light patterns. LASFIT offers a flood, fog, spot, and driving pattern. Each pattern has distinct characteristics in how the light is distributed. In the photos to follow you will see both a spot pattern produced by the HP series and a flood pattern being produced by the sport series. For the sake of testing, these will both be mounted at the A-Pillar. Being strategic with your light setup also helps put the light where you need it most for your own individual application. For example, by choosing flood and spot, you gain light both close range and long distance.

lasfit pods lighting performance on f150

lasfit pods lighting performance on 2018 ford f150


In my opinion, the value that LASFIT has packed into their Sport and HP series is really hard to beat. After seeing both the quality and output that these products, I am sold on these possibly being the best “bang for your buck” light on the market. Little improvements could be made, such as a longer switch wire and possibly star washers to hold the lights a little tighter to the brackets, especially for heavy off-road abuse. Outside of that, these are an incredible value. I encourage you to visit www.lasfit.com. There you will find more detailed information and be able to pick up these awesome lights for your current or next build.

lasfit pods pros and cons

A Few Bonus Pictures below (Because Who Doesn’t Love Those)

LASFIT Pods...2018 Ford F150LASFIT Pods...2018 Ford F150

Here is the PDF version for anyone interested in downloading it

LASFIT review.pdf


Editor's words: Thanks for Dan's inventive content and unbiased opinions on comparing Lasfit and other brands to help more folks choose the right lights for their needs! If you want to follow more updates to know how these pod lights hold up over time, please check the below forum original post and subscribe to it. 

👉LASFIT Pods..the lights you didn’t know you need (full review/install)



*Hopefully, this helps you out if you're in the market for some new off-road lights and/or are curious about the Lasfit 3″ Pods. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

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