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How to Install Bar Lights

by Lasfit Official June 02, 2023

How to Install Bar Lights



Product Introduction
Kit Include
Product Installation Steps
Product Installation Video
Product Installation Effect
Products Mentioned In This Guide


1. Product Introduction

  • Featuring a sleek, low-profile, slim, and single-row design, the Lasfit light bar is flexible for a variety of installation methods and locations, and the plug and play feature is also very beginner-friendly.
  • The Lasfit light bar is the best value product for the same price point with its high-quality Osram chips, rugged aluminum housing, high-impact PC lens, and strong IP67 Waterproof, perfectly suited for Overlanding, off-roading, and any outdoor recreations.
  • 12"- 52" LED light bars aren’t just for Jeep, Ford, Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, Ram, Subaru, Nissan, Lexus, Rivian, or a variety of other vehicles. You can also install them on motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, tractors even boats to get a wider and farther vision for your safety escort.


2. Kit Include

LED Light Bar *1

Side Mount Accessories:
1. M8*25mm Bolt *2
2. M8 Nut *2
3. Φ8mm Flat Washers *4
4. Φ8mm Spring Washer *4
5. Side Mounting Bracket *2
6. M6*16mm Hex Socket Cap Screws *2
7. M8 Allen key *1

Bottom Mount Accessories:
1. M8*25mm Bolt *2
2. M8 Nut *2
3. Φ8mmFlatWashers *2
4. Φ8mmSpringWasher *2
5. M6*22mm Hex Socket Cap Screws *2
6. M6 Nut *2
7. Φ6mm Flat Washers *2
8. Φ6mm Spring Washer *2
9. Bottom Mounting Bracket *2
10. Anti-Vibration Rubber Pad *2
11. Gel Pads *2
12. M6 Allen key *1

3. Product Installation Steps

Step 1: Determine The Mounting Location And Measure The Size.
One way to ensure the best performance of your light bars is to choose the best mounting location for them. Common mounting locations include:
Bumper Mount: front bumper/rear bumper
Grille Mount: upper grille/lower grille
Roof Mount: rooftop/rear roof
Windshield Mount: lower windshield/above the windshield
Note: The perfect mounting options often depend on your specific vehicle, personal preferences, mounting brackets, technical abilities, and most importantly, the accurate measurement results.

Step 2: Mounting Brackets With The Provided Hardware.
The light bar comes in two different mounting styles, you can choose to install it from the side or from the back.
Note: Our kits come with universal mounts, Custom Modification might be needed to mount them. We have some Vehicle-specific Brackets for you to choose from you can check on lasfit.com.

Step 3: Connect The Power Cable And Wiring Harness.
3.1 Connect the light bar plug to the DT-Port connector included with the harness.
3.2 Connect the red wire to the positive supply and the black wire to the negative or common ground.
3.3 Pass the Wiring harness through the firewall and leave part of the switch segment in the vehicle.
3.4 Press the Switch to test if the lights are working properly.
3.5 Adjust the light to the desired angle and then secure by tightening all mounting screws.


4. Product Installation Video


5. Product Installation Effect

6. FAQ

Q1: What should Ido if the light bar cdoes not work after installation?
A: Please follow the below troubleshooting process to find out if it is a quality issue:
Step 1: Check and make sure positive and negative are properly connected.
Step 2: Check and see if the LED light on the switch light up, if no light, check the battery connection and fuse. When positive and negative are connected correctly. The green or red light will be on.
Step 3: Press the on/off switch you should hear a “click” sound from the relay. If you can't hear “click” sound. The relay has defected. If you can hear “click” sound from the relay, use a multimeter to check the DT connector.
(Make sure the light is green,which indicates it is ON and sending power to the DT plug )

Q2: How to get the moisture/water condensation out of the light bar?
A: When you drive on continuous rainy days Or trail extremely inclement weather for a long time, the water vapor in the air may condense into moisture to the interior of the lampshade due to the difference in temperature and humidity outside, so this is normal to see the moisture inside. Please follow the below steps to keep moisture out of the light bar:
Step 1: Please remove the breather hole with a 5/16 wrench behind the light bar.
Step 2: Let the light bar Stay on for more than 30 minutes and Wait for the condensation to disappear.
Step 3: Then put the exhaust valve Screw back before turning off the light bar, that will be fine after finishing.


7. Products Mentioned In This Guide

If you are going to use Lasfit light bar to upgrade your vehicle, please click the link below or log in to our LASFIT official webpage to choose. 

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