The Truth: How Bad Is The Glare From LED Bulbs?

by Lasift Official August 13, 2019

How Bad Is The Glare From LED Headlight Bulbs

This is a very common question. But, there’s a misconception behind it. The misconception is that LED bulbs are not designed to be used in reflector light housings. The question assumes thatALL LED bulbs will produce some level of glare. A lot of LED bulbs are not custom designed for this type of use, but there are many which are custom designed to work wonderfully with the reflector patterns of housing units. 

So, the answer you’re looking for is, LED bulbs which weren’t designed to be used in reflector light housings will create a lot of glare.

On the other hand, LED bulbs that were custom designed to work great inside your reflector housing units will have little to no glare.

Now, let’s look into the two reasons you might have glare. 

  1. The first cause of glare is, the LED bulbs you purchased from eBay, or elsewhere, were not specifically designed to operate in your reflector light housing units. You probably bought them because they were cheap, or you didn’t do your research properly.
    There are many companies out there that will simply copy LED bulb designs, without doing the proper research and development themselves. You want to stay away from these types of companies whenever possible. For interior LED bulbs, it shouldn’t matter as much, but for LED bulbs it does matter. 
  2. The second cause of glare is, the LED bulb is positioned poorly inside the reflector light housing. You might have installed it incorrectly. Double check that you followed the instructions and installed it properly. Make sure the LED chips are aligned as recommended. Some LED bulbs have adjustment capabilities, and that’s how they allow you to eliminate the glare. You can lower the light beam cutoff line, which gets rid of the glare.

correct led chips  position

We hope that helped you choose your next set of bulbs for your vehicle.