Do I Need To Run Resistors with LA Plus Series LED Bulbs on 2019-2022 Ram 1500?

by Lasfit Official July 18, 2022

Do I Need To Run Resistors with LA Plus Series LED Bulbs on 2019-2022 Ram 1500?

If you're going to upgrade your 2019-2022 Ram 1500 to LEDs, you might care about:

"if I replace to LED will they flicker?"
"Looking to order for my 2019-2022 do I need the thing for flicker?"
"Do I need to run resistors?"


While most Ram 1500 trim packages come with halogen head lamp, for 2019-2022 Ram 1500, the one of most concerned questions before we decide to try LEDs is the flicker and error code issue.

Today, we are going to test our hot-sale unit - LA Plus Series. Are they well performing on 2019 Ram 1500? Let's go and check together. And thanks to Chris Kossman for sharing their experience with us.


About 2019 Ram 1500

This would be a very simple installation of LED head lamp bulbs. No cutting or hacking or running any extra wires. Just replacing halogen bulbs directly, and making your Ram truck look futuristic while maintaining the factory looks!

Chris's Ram came with the halogen headlights and did not illuminate enough and when even using the brights it felt underwhelming. He heard about Lasfit from a Facebook group where it was a plug and play LED swap. He was looking at swapping to the LED lights that Ram offers but for the price it would be silly not to check out Lasfit and see how they work out for me. He was blown away by the ease of installation, the video instructions, and how quickly he was able to install regular, bright, and fog lights. All in all, with all 3 sets of lights it took less than 20 minutes to do!


Impression of LA Plus Series

"Lasfit is quality, incredible quality. The design felt strong and sturdy. It was the simplest plug and play setup I've ever dealt with. I mean seriously, unplug old, plug in Lasfit and boom done. No additional drivers, no tapping or splicing wiring, just plug in and don't look directly into the light now! :D To that point the lights are so bright. I was able to look directly into the headlight with the halogens, now if I were to do that it would be like looking at the sun!"


About Installation

"I didn't need to have someone install these as it was super easy. I can see in any condition now. I feel confident the lights will last an incredibly long time."
"If you have larger arms, I found it was a little roomier to work under the wheel well if you unscrew the fifth screw from the front and pull the wheel well out that far back. Then you have a ton of room to navigate to the fogs and regular lights."


After Installation

"The change is beyond amazing! Working from home but I'm a driver so I have to get behind the wheel! My daily drive starts with dropping the kids off at school (these lights are going to be insanely helpful come the fall season when dropping kids off in the dark). From dropping off the kids, it's my daily coffee stop, then after that it's back to the house to start work. Now when I travel, I usually have to leave super early in the morning to catch a flight and between me and the airport is a long stretch of road where deer like playing chicken with your vehicle. Again, another reason why I upgraded. Now I'll see every single beady eye buck and doe on the side of the roads!"

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