Brand New & 3 Months Reveiw |Toyota 4Runner Pro Series LED H11 Bulbs Installation and Test

by Lasfit Official July 13, 2022

Brand New  & 3 Months Reveiw |Toyota 4Runner Pro Series LED H11 Bulbs Installation and Test

*Thanks to Vincent Torres and Michael Ladd for sharing their experience with Lasfit Pro H11 LED headlight kits. Part of the contents and all pictures are authorized by Vincent Torres and Michael Ladd.


Hey guys,

My name is Michael Ladd and I have ordered Pro Series H11 LED bulbs from Lasfit over the last year for my 4Runner. I decided to go with LED bulbs instead of halogen bulbs because LED bulbs project a whiter light and make it easier to see around dark corners, especially at night. Also, LED bulbs are more efficient compared to halogen bulbs. I was thoroughly pleased with the quality and performance that the products provided. So much so, I started ordering products for my Fiance's 4Runner!

It has been a while since I used these Pro Series H11 LED bulbs, so today I'm gonna share my installation of this unit to you guys so you can go and decide if you need a pair of them.


Before Installation

Before I start to install, I would like to share my little story to help you guys know more about these LED bulbs. My first impression of Lasfit was spectacular! The first product I purchased was the LED interior lights for my 4Runner. This included trunk, map, door, and dome lights. The packaging was clean and secure. The lights were shipped to me very quickly and accurately.

Knowing that I am purchasing a high quality product makes me feel confident that the product I put in my vehicle will last a long time! If I could put into words how much I love my LED light bulbs I would! The quality is top notch and the performance is amazing!

The LED Headlights came extremely well packaged, which is a pretty good sign right off the bat! Inside of the box, the bulbs were protected extremely well, so there would be no damage during shipping. 

The Lights themselves looked really nice with a massive cooling fan on them. I have no doubt that these lights are going to stay super cool with just the fans on the bulbs themselves. The other cool thing(no pun intended!) is the fan in the dust cover. I think the heat is what ultimately killed my previous LED's.



The first step is to figure out the right side and left side of the Pro Series. The right side one should be located to the right.

Next, take off the factory dust cover from head lamp housing.

Unplug the connector and remove the original bulbs.

Then, insert the right side Pro series H11 LED bulbs to the right housing.

Connect the right side Pro Series dust cover with the vehicle's connecter and Pro Series H11 bulbs connector.

Finally, put the dust cover back into the housing.


Before vs After


At night these Pro series H11 for 4Runner has an amazing cut off line! They are bright but not too bright, you won't get flashed by other drivers. They function a lot better than the Amazon special lights I had previously.

Installation Video

If you want more information, check our installation video.


More Experience

The brand new Pro series H11's installation and test made us so exciting. But what about the long-term use experience? Let's move to Vincent Torres's story and Steven's long-term review video.

Vincent Torres: "Back in 2019, I started to “modify” my 2016 4Runner. The first step I took was to start converting all the halogen lights to LED’s. I made the “mistake” of going cheap LED head lights off of Amazon. They were pretty budget friendly and seemed to work pretty decent. My main complaint is they seemed to get "washed" out in the city lighting. But overall I was pretty happy with them. However earlier this year, I noticed the driver side headlight was flickering pretty bad. A few weeks later it completely went dead. A couple of weeks after that the other side went completely out as well. I was super disappointed that they only lasted a couple years. The whole idea of LED’s is less power draw and for them to last longer."

"A couple months ago, LASFIT posted about going their "Style" program. I was selected to try out their PRO Dual-Cooling head lights. These Pro Series LED bulbs were specifically designed for the 2014-2020 4Runners. The color temperature of these lights is bright white 6000k. As stated these are dual-cooling, which means there is fan on the bulb itself, as well as a fan on the dust cover. The LASFIT cooling dust cover replaces the stock dust cover."

"The color temperature of the lights is spot on and gives the 4Runner a more luxurious look. Even during the day, with the headlights on, you definitely bring attention to your vehicle."


Steven: "I'm very happy I did them about two months ago. I decided to do a quick video about the lastfit LED I put in this thing and this is a 3 months review to show you how they perform after long-term usage.


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