Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-2021 Auxiliary Switch Panel Bank Kit


You Save 48% ($369.00)


NOTE: Fuse/ relay mounting bracket will NOT fit the EcoDiesel engine compartment.

OEM style switches and install on factory location.

urable waterproof fuse box with heavy-duty wiring.

Install and ready for use NO need to flash updates.

Durable waterproof relay fuse box with 4 high quality relays and 4x40A fuses.

Plug and play easy install, no wires to cut.



    OEM Style Switch and Install on Factory Location

    Retained that OEM look, our switch banks installed on the factory location in you Wrangler or Gladiator.

    Durable and Waterproof Relay Fuse Box with Heavy-Duty Wiring

    Each fuse box features four high-quality relays and 4x40A fuses.

    Install and Ready for use, NO Software Update Required

    Just install,and the switch bank is ready for use. You don't need to flash any software updates.

    Plug and Play Easy Install

    NO wires to cut, plug and play install.



    Full Kit (2 Switch Assembly + 2 Fuse Box) 

    Black Switch + Red Swithch(2 Switch Assembly+1 Fuse box)

    Kit A (1 Black Swithc + 1 Fuse Box)

    Kit B (1 Red Switch + 1 Fuse Box) 

    Kit C (1 Red Switch + 1 Fuse Box) $329.99


    Warranty & Return policy

    45 Days Return

    We accept returns if the switch bank has never been installed or used.

    1 Year Warranty

    What is Covered

    1. Relay Harness and Fuse Box
    2. Switch Assembly
    3. Switch Assembly Harness

    What is Not Covered

    1. Does not cover any damage caused by the owner modifying, attempting to fix, or otherwise altering the product.
    2. Fuses


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: Do I need to get the Jeep flash by the dealer after installation?

    A: No, our switch banks don't require any software updates. Just install and is ready for use.

    Q: Do I need to extract wire and re-pin connectors in the Jeep during the installation?

    A: No, you don't have to de-pin or re-pin any connectors for the installation.

    Q: Why Front & Rear Locker only operated in 4L mode?

    A: The Red switch assembly has a CAN-Bus connection between the Jeep. When in locker mode, it only operated when the Jeep is in 4L. This safety feature is the same as the factory locker switches. It prevents drivers from accidentally engage the differential and causes mechanical damage to the Jeep.

    Q: Can I turn off the Front & Rear Locker function? And use the two switches as standalone on/off function?

    A: Yes, you can. When in standalone mode, the F & R locker switch works independently as a normal on/off switch.

    Q: How to change between Locker mode and Standalone mode?

    A: To change operation mode on the F & R locker switches.

    1. Parked and turned off the engine.
    2. Turn on the ignition.
    3. Immediately press and hold the rear locker button for 5 - 7 seconds.

    You'll hear beep two times or one time

    (beep x 2 times = standalone mode is ON)

    (beep x 1 time = Locker mode is ON)

    Q: What is the RJ12 jack on the Red switch assembly?

    A: The RJ12 jack is an inline coupler for compatible CB radio.

    Q: I don't have any AUX switch in my Jeep; which one should I buy?

    A: Order(LO-JPS01 + LO-JPS03) Red + Black switch with two fuse box - If you don't have any factory switch installed and plan to install four or more accessories/lights to your Jeep, you should go with the full kit. You will be able to control up to eight devices with the complete kit. One of the relay boxes offers two sets of aux outputs, one under the driver side dash and one in the engine compartment next to the main battery. (note: the relay box with two sets of outputs shares the relays and fuses)

    Q: I have a Rubicon model; which one should I buy?

    A: Order (LO-JPS01) Black Switch – If you don't have any factory switch, or you have the Rubicon E-locker switch panel. LO-JPS01 add four more aux outputs to your Jeep, and it has two sets of aux outputs. One group in the cabin under the driver side dash, and one group in the engine compartment next to the main battery. You can control devices inside and outside of your Jeep. (note: the relay box with two sets of outputs shares the relays and fuses)

    Q: I have the Mopar AUX switch bank installed on my Jeep; which one should I buy?

    A: Order (LO-JPS04) – If you have the factory Mopar AUX switch bank installed and want more switches for your accessories.

    Q: I already purchased the black switch bank (LO-JPS01). Which kit should I buy?

    A: Order (LO-JPS03) Red Switch– If you have already purchased (LO-JPS01) from Lasfit and want additional switches for your accessories.

    Q: What is the difference between LO-JPS03 and LO-JPS04?

    A: The difference between them is the mounting locationof the fuse box. If you already order the black switch (LO-JPS01) from us, you should get the (LO-JPS03). If you already have the Mopar AUX switch bank, you should order the (LO-JPS04), which the fuse box will be mount next to the main battery.

    Q: What's included in LO-JPS02?

    A: LO-JPS02 has a black and a red switch, but only one fuse box. Only the black switch is fully functional.

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