The Difference between H16 and 5202 Bulbs

by Lasift Official July 30, 2017

The Difference between H16 and 5202 Bulbs

We got an inquiry from one of our customer who he told us he wants to buy a new LED fog light for his 2014 Toyota Corolla. 

However, he had a bad experience before. He bought LED fog light from another seller, while he found it doesn’t fit after he got the package and tried to install it. In the end, he returned it back for a refund. He afraid that he meets the same problem again, so want to double check before purchasing.

He asked us whether we 100% sure our H16 fit or not? We answered, “Yes, we 100% sure our H16 will fit.”

Later he paid for it.

After he got the package and installed, he told us there is no any problem, just plug and play. He is very satisfied with LASFIT LED bulbs and our service.


Why the customer has confusion?

The problem is we find all aftermarket LED manufacturers to call the 5202 bulbsan H16. BIG mistake!

You will never see a Sylvania or Philips or other OEM bulb labeled as H16 that looks like a 5202 bulb.

From the below photos, you will find the H16 is quite different with 5202, the plug is different, cannot install the same car.

Here is a photo to show their difference:


Now, you know the difference between H16 and 5202.

Next time, if you want to upgrade your car fog light and the bulb size is H16, for Japanese Vehicles (such as Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Subaru), the bulb size goes to H16(you can also use H11 to replace it). But for American Vehicles (such as Chevrolet, GMC, Ford), the real bulb size goes to 5202, not H16.