The Best Choice When Upgrading Infiniti G37 Light Bulbs

by Lasift Official August 28, 2019

The Best Choice When Upgrading Infiniti G37 Light Bulbs

Upgrade your car with Lasfit pro series LEDs, make you feel like a new vehicle

There’s something truly special about modifying your own car. Car enthusiasts understand this. Others, simply, don’t.
Before you even begin modifying your vehicle, it helps to choose a platform that has a lot to offer. One of those vehicles is the Infiniti G37 which makes a great choice for any goal.

When you buy an Infiniti G37, you’re getting a reliable car with modern looks, great engine, available 6-speed manual transmission, fully adjustable suspension, and a higher level of luxury than the average car on the road. It’s a good deal, to be honest! Not to mention, you can choose between the coupe or sedan.
As a car enthusiast, you know as soon as you get your Infiniti G37 (or even before you own it!) you’ll be planning out your ideal mods. We all have a vision for our vehicle, and sometimes it’s too difficult to wait on getting started.

To help you out, let’s point to one of the easiest ways to improve your G37.
Converting to LED bulbs will improve the performance of your lights, while visually enhancing the appearance of your car when they’re in use.

Infiniti G37 high beam and low beam pattern

It’s an affordable project you can tackle yourself this weekend. That’s what makes it such a great idea.
There are a few reasons why the factory HID light system isn’t the best solution forever.

Firstly, factory HID is incredibly expensive. If you have the unfortunate experience of the HID ballast going out or the HID bulb dying, then you’re looking at roughly $500 plus labor at the dealer for a replacement. That’s definitely a significant amount of money.
Let’s say your HID ballast, or HID bulb goes bad. Now what? You can either pay the hefty price for a new unit from the dealer, or you can go with a used OEM HID light system. But, what if you don’t what to go with a used unit due to the uncertainty of it? How would you identify how much life is left in it? We don’t know either...

Another option is to purchase a new HID kit from an aftermarket brand. The issue with that is, the aftermarket is filled with low quality HID kits that are marketed as if they’re as good as the factory HID system. Most offer horrible light beams/ patterns. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack to purchase the HID kit that’s actually comparable to the factory system.

Lastly, you might have noticed the HID lights take time to warm up. That’s standard procedure. They usually start off in an odd color (greenish), and as they warm up they shift to the yellowish/ white color you need for the best vision during nighttime driving.
Those negatives are easily correctable with a new set of LED bulbs. 

Why Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 Is A Great Choice

Here are the benefits of installing the Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulbs on your G37.

lasfit pro series d2r blue

First, there’s no competition for the Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED conversion kit. If you want a kit that requires cutting and splicing wires, then surely there are a few other options. But, you’ll need luck trying to find a hassle-free conversion kit like ours. The Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulb conversion kit requires no cutting or splicing. It’s a direct plug n’ play kit. Currently, the only one of its kind on the market.
We’ve designed a driver that easily bolts onto the OEM location of the HID ballast, making the installation process incredibly simple. Simply, connect the plugs to power the LED bulb.

HID OME ballast replacement

One of the positives of going with LED bulbs is they require zero warm-up time. As soon as you turn them on, you’ll get the bright pure 6000K white light you need. You can be in a rush and still drive safely.

The Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulb is 45 watts, which is equal to the factory power or more if you have the factory 35W HID bulbs. If you have the 55W HID bulbs, then the Lasfit LED kit won’t be as bright.
Their lifespan is multiple times longer than HID bulbs. Additionally, they don’t cause the terrible glare HID bulbs are known for. HID bulbs require the need to maintain and replace the ballast occasionally. LED bulbs can save you money in that department.

The reasons for converting to LED are obvious, and the decision to use the Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulb conversion kit is a no-brainer on your Infiniti. It also fits G35, EX35, FX35, and FX45, etc. This is a modification that’s simple and effective. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

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October 10, 2021

Need to convert the whole head light assembly for gG37 2012 with led bulbs.

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