If You Think Your OEM HID Bulbs Are Bright, Are LED Bulbs Worth IT?

by Lasift Official August 28, 2019

led headlight vs. hid headlight

The early 1990s marked the first time OEM HID lights rolled off a car assembly line and that was for a BMW. To put that into context, that was around the same time pagers (beepers) were very popular. You likely owned one, or your parents did! Needless to say, HID bulbs have been around for a long time and have gradually improved.

Times have changed. Technology has evolved.

HID bulbs have always been brighter than LED bulbs. So, the famous question of HID lights vs. LED lights always ended with HID lights winning. The debate is not so clear now. The real question in 2019 is, are LED lights worth it? More specifically, should you make the switch if you’re satisfied with your HIDs?

A lot of HID characteristics we accepted as part of the package are beginning to feel unnecessary. Flickering lights, bulbs that need warming-up and constant bad ballasts are beginning to feel like a hassle. Why? Because there’s another viable option on the market that doesn’t feature any of those headaches.

You might be satisfied with your HID bulbs, but curious as to why you should make the change to LED.
There are a few good reasons to make the change to LED lights.

LED bulbs can now offer more wattage per bulb, and will soon surpass HID bulbs in every other category. As LED technology continues to improve, this is inevitable. Your OEM HID bulbs are rated at 35 watts per bulb. The new Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulbs are rated at 50 watts per bulb. The LED technology has finally caught up with HID bulbs. And, the good news is 50 watts per bulb is not considered too much light. It will improve your nighttime road vision.

35w hid bulb vs. 50 led bulb

One benefit of switching to LED bulbs is the savings in time and money. First, you won’t have to worry about dealing with expensive parts, such as OEM HID bulbs and ballasts. Second, HID ballasts have short lifespans, so you have to continually replace the ballasts and each time will require you to remove the bumper and light assembly. LED bulbs have fewer failure points and don’t need frequent replacement parts.

When you switch to LED bulbs you won’t have to worry about warm-up times. LED bulbs provide instant 6000K bright white light. This improves safety, because you don’t have to wait for your HID bulbs to reach the proper driving brightness.

the price of factory oem hid bulb and ballast

Lastly, the Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulbs offer a simple plug and play installation. We custom designed them to fit in the OEM HID location. You don’t have to worry about doing extra cutting and splicing to get your bulbs correctly switched to LED. We made the decision for you to change very easy. Improve your light performance without having to overcome extra obstacles.

When it’s time to change your HID light bulbs, consider making the change to LED light bulbs. It’s a decision that will involve less headaches for you in the future.

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