2021 Ram 1500: How To Remove Overhead Console and install LED Map Lights?

by Lasfit Official August 15, 2022

2021 Ram 1500: How To Remove Overhead Console and install LED Map Lights?

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In this article, we will show you how to remove the console from 2021 Ram 1500 correctly and replace the old map lights with new LED bulbs. If you have the same case with 2021 Ram 1500, you can just follow this article on your Ram pickup trucks.

From the article, we will also show you the difference between the right way and wrong way of get the overhead console apart. If you do the wrong way, you will end up breaking some tabs up.


Remove Overhead Console (Right Steps vs Fault Steps)

How to replace the unit probably and didn't need to pry around the edges? We will show you the process that. This is a guide for replacing LED map light and a much better way to do it.


Use Tools


-Plastic pry tool

-Eight millimeter screws

-LED map light bulbs

So tools you're gonna need are some gloves, a eight millimeter screws, and a plastic pry tool.

If you're watching videos online do not pry around the edges to get them down. It's not the way we're going to approach. We're going to take these two lenses out, take the bulb out, and put the new one in. However, there's a reflector in here. That's chrome plated that once you get fingerprints on it you can't get it off and it chips very easily. So I'm going to put my gloves on and start the process.


Start The Process

You can see up here I'm gonna stick a flashlight up here just for a bit so you can see there is the eight millimeter bolt on each side there on the other side.

There are also two clips. This is how you release this from the top. When you release these clips or little buttons, the whole thing will come down. But after you take the bolts out. Don't pry on the outside.

Put the bolts out first. When the bolts are out, all you have to do is push in the button on the clip on each side and it should just pop down. You can sort of feel it up here. Once you find the clip sort of give it a little little tug and the whole thing just comes right down.

That is the piece that the clip is holding on to that's the clip itself. That's how you get this piece down. You don't need a pry tool for this.


Install LED Map Light

Next thing is you're going to unplug both of these. Now, we have it out. Then you need to use pry tool around the edges and it pops right up. Once you get that off of, use a small plastic pry tool to push the old light out (not on the metal push the light itself out) when you put the new one in.

When you're done, reassemble the whole thing in reverse, and plug the wires in. Then put the overhead consle back. You can see it's much much brighter put your screws back up there and you're done!

Notice: please test to make sure all my buttons work light light before you put the overhead consle back.


Installation Video Guide


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