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How To Install Lasfit L1 Plus Series LED Bulbs

by Lasfit Official July 01, 2023

How To Install Lasfit L1 Plus Series LED Bulbs

1:1 Perfect Halogen Replacement. Fanless and Noiseless.
Lasfit L1 Plus Series bulbs are the same design as the halogen bulbs with mini size, wireless and fanless design. It comes with Customized LED Chips. Built-in ballast to save more space to get a quick and easy installation.
Compared with halogen bulbs, the LEDs are brighter, dependable, and have a longer lifespan. The L1 Plus Series has the same design as the halogen bulb, which is very economical and convenient for car owners.


1. Table of Contents

Preparation Before Installation
Lasfit L1 PLUS Series LED Bulb Step by Step Installation
Decoder and Nodification
Effect Picture After Installation
How to Get The Right Bulb Size
Where Can I Buy Lasfit L1 PLUS Series LED Bulb?


2. Preparation Before Installation

In order to install LASFIT L1 PLUS series LED bulbs, you need to do the following preparations:
1. Prepare tools: Some basic tools may be needed when installing LED bulbs, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, wire cutters, etc. According to the LASFIT installation guide, prepare the required tools to facilitate the operation during the installation process.
2. Understand the installation steps: Before installation, please be sure to read the installation guide of LASFIT L1 PLUS series LED bulbs carefully. Familiar with and understand the installation steps to ensure correct and error-free installation.
3. Disconnect from the power supply: Before starting the installation work, please make sure that the vehicle is disconnected from the power supply. This is to avoid the risk of electric shock and damage to lamps or other electrical components.
4. Adjust the position of the lamp: According to the guide, determine the installation position and angle of the lamp. Different vehicles and lamps may be different, please make sure the lamp is installed in the proper position.
5. Check the wiring: Check whether the vehicle wiring and the wiring switch are normal before installation. Make sure that the circuit is not faulty or damaged in any way.
Please note that the above are general preparations, and the specific installation steps may vary depending on the vehicle model and lamp model. Please follow the operation steps and precautions in the installation instruction manual to ensure safe and correct installation. If in doubt, it is recommended to consult LASFIT after-sales service for more accurate guidance.


3.Lasfit L1 PLUS Series LED Bulb Step by Step Installation



4. Decoder and Nodification

Some vehicles may have compatible issues, such as flickering,error code or radio interference, the canbus decoder or load resistors probably are required.
Please contact us for support by email if you're not sure if you need the canbus decoder or load resistors.


5. Effect Picture After Installation


6. How to Get The Right Bulb Size

There is a Fitment query function on the Lasfit.com website, you only need to enter relevant information, the specific operation is as follows.
1. In the navigation bar, after entering the corresponding information in order, the search results will display the corresponding products.

2. By Vehicle: By querying a specific model, you can find all the product links of the model, and then find the product page that needs to be purchased.

For more operation details, please check our BLOG article: How To Find The Right Bulb Size


7. FAQ

1. I installed your bulbs but they do not turn on?
We first would highly recommend checking your fuses, if the fuses are good, next we would recommend putting back the stock bulbs to see if they light up. If they do light up then the LED bulbs may be defective,please contact us for support by email.

2. Why is my bulb flickering/dimming or dashboard error message occurring?
The wattage of LED bulb is lower than the stock halogen bulb, and the computer inspection system checks it's abnormal and causes compatible issues. The canbus decoder maybe required,please contact us for support by email.

3. How do I know if my vehicle requires extra can bus decoders? -The LED bulbs keep flickering when they are working.
- An error code indicator appears on the dash.
- The LED bulbs stay lit for a while even after you have switched them off. -The bulbs give off a dim light unlike the bright throw of LEDs.

4. How does a canbus decoder/load resistor work?
The canbus decoders/load resistors help LED bulbs get approved in the computer inspection system by increasing the wattage or providing more information.

5. Why my daytime running lights/DRLs are not working or flickering?
For some vehicles, the high beam and DRLs share the same bulb. The DRLs might have compatibility issue after installing, a decoder is needed to solve the issue.
You can contact us through our service email with your vehicle make/model/year.

6. Can l install the H7 LED Bulb with the original adapter?
Yes,absolutely, please use the factory adapter, do not need any aftermarket retainer/adapter. NOTE:
-For safety consideration,please turn off the lights before installation.
-If the LED bulbs don't work or cause an error code on the dash, please contact us for support by email or calling us! Do not attempt to repair the product by yourself!


8. Where Can I Buy Lasfit L1 PLUS Series LED Bulb?

The advancement of modern automotive lighting technology has brought a new visual experience and driving safety. In the field of car lights, LASFIT L1 PLUS car lights are unique in innovation and excellent performance.
First of all, LASFIT L1 PLUS headlights are based on advanced LED technology, featuring high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection. Whether driving at night or in foggy weather, L1 PLUS headlights can provide clear and bright vision, improve driving safety, and ensure that you can enjoy the best lighting effects in different environments.
Secondly, LASFIT L1 PLUS lights also have a stylish design, which perfectly blends with various car styles. The unique lamp group shape and streamlined outline not only add a sense of movement and technology to your vehicle, but also demonstrate your taste and personality.
In addition, LASFIT L1 PLUS lamps also have long life and stable performance, which greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement, saving you time and cost. Make your driving journey more convenient and comfortable.
Choose LASFIT L1 PLUS headlights now to inject infinite brilliance and safety into your car. Make your driving experience more safe, comfortable and stylish. Hurry up and let LASFIT L1 PLUS headlights become the shining star of your driving journey!

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