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How to Install LASFIT Floor Mats on Honda Civic 2022-2023

by Lasfit Official August 31, 2023

How to Install LASFIT Floor Mats on Honda Civic 2022-2023

*This article was originally created by Chris Time FK7 and 717 PROJECT. All the photos and content are authorized by Chris Time FK7 and 717 PROJECT. Many thanks to them for sharing such great content and stunning pictures with us!

Hey guys!

Lasfit has some all-weather floor mats for the 11th gen Honda Civic. And today we're going to be taking a look at it as well as installing it on the 11th gen Honda Civic. And as always if you guys are interested in this product, please click on the link below the blog to purchase.

1. About the Stock Mats  

This is what it looks like with the stock mats. As you can see, it's not covering all of the drivers’ feet and there's really no walls. So anything that goes on your floor mat  it's just gonna spill right off. There's really no wall to stop all the dirt from like escaping from the mat.

Front Stock Mats

And of course this is what the rear looks like. For the rear ones you don't get any protection right here. Just like the front you don't have any walls. So if you have any dirt or anything that goes onto your mats, then it's not going to protect your floor from anything. It's just going to spill right on the floor and these mats are super hard to clean.

Rear Stock Mats

2. A Comparison of the two Mats

This is what the all-weather mat looks like. It's really flexible so you can actually be rough on this.

All-Weather Mat

Here's a comparison of the two mats. The left one came from the type R. So they look similar. Only a minor difference between the two because of the shape right here. The one used on the 11th gens is a little bit wider than the one that we have on our 10th gens. The bottom part is also a little bit different as well. And we do have a bit of a raised design on the right one compared to the left one. The left one is more of a flatter kind of design. But the left one has been in use for six months and has never been cleaned since getting it survived winter. And literally all We have to do is just spray some water and some soap, maybe scrub it off a little bit and then it'll look brand-new just like that.

A Comparison of the two Mats

3. About Lasfit Floor Mats

These are what the mats look like. As you can see the piece for the rear is just a one piece design whereas on our 10th gen Civics this was separate. It was like a three-piece design for the back. And it doesn't have a Lasfit logo right here for the rear ones.

Lasfit Floor Mats

4. Installation Guidelines

So now that you've seen the mats. We're going to go ahead and install it. Inside of this car and compare it with the stock mats.

4.1 Remove the Stock Mats

So with the 11 gen Civics, obviously our mats are down here so just push the seat back and it has little locking pins. This is supposed to be locked here but you pretty much have to just twist this to unlock the mat. There's two of them, one on each side, one there and one here. And that's how you get your driver's side mat out of the way.

Locking Pins

Remove the Stock Mats

And as you can see, the cloth versus the all-weather mat, it really makes a huge difference. Because you're gonna have to use like those carpet vacuums for the stock mat whereas for the all-weather mat, you can just spray water on it and then it'll dry off within probably 10-15 minutes. And then the stock mats are really hard to clean. Anyways we're going to go ahead and just drop the all-weather mat down into the driver's seat. 

the Stock mat and Lasfit floor mat

4.2 Install on the Driver's Side

When you're installing this, you can see how there's like a little slot for this locking mechanism down here. All you have to do is just align it, make sure you pop it in place and then twist it to lock it.

Install on the Driver's Side_1

Install on the Driver's Side_1

Same with the other side right here. You're going to want to lock it in place and there you go.

Install on the Driver's Side_3

4.3 Install on the Passenger’Side

So now we're gonna be doing the passenger’s side. And it's pretty much the same as the driver's side except this side doesn't have locks.

Install on the Passenger’s Side

4.4 Display after Installation

So now that the all weather floor mat is installed. As you can see we have this middle piece right here, If you have any passengers sitting in the back, you won't have to worry about this part getting all dirty. Because this is now protected by this all-weather floor mat from Lasfit.

Display after Installation_1

Display after Installation_2

Display after Installation_3

5. Cleaning Guidelines

These Lasfit floor mats haven't been cleaned for three months. We will take them out and clean them all up.

Dirty Floor Mat_1

See how good that is stayed right in there. We are able to just take it out without spilling it on the carpet.

Dirty Floor Mat_2

All right it's time to clean these Lasfit floor mats. Really easy to clean. Just use some water and soap. What you can do is if you've got a regular car wash, and they have those little hooks, you can hang the mats up on. Use the brush and the hose. That's all you need. After cleaning, take an air hose, blow them off, take a towel dry them off and throw them back in the car all right.

Washing the Floor Mats_1

Washing the Floor Mats_2

6. User Experience

Having all weather floor mats is really going to be helpful. Not only will it protect your flooring but it's actually really easy to clean off. If ever you do go inside your car with dirt or during the winter time when the roads are all salted up, you're going inside your car and you're bringing all that brine or whatever inside your vehicle. In this case, Lasfit all-weather floor mats could provide outstanding protection for your Honda Civic. All right guys, If you're interested in these floor mats from Lasfit, please click on the link below to purchase.


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