Review: H7 LED Bulbs Test On 2005 Audi A4 Regular Light

by Lasfit Official May 04, 2022

Review: H7 LED Bulbs Test On 2005 Audi A4 Regular Light

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Purchase Item: LS plus series H7 LED bulb

Features and Specs:
72W/set, 8000LM/set
6000K bright white light
Bigger fan & shorter external driver
The brightest mode at Lasfit

Vehicle's Information: 2005 Audi A4

Fits: Regular light

Installation time: 5-10 mins


Reason Why I Switch to LEDs:

LEDs are far superior in my opinion as far as brightness and longevity. Halogens are sub par in every aspect of lighting. HID are super bright but not very long lasting. They are very sensitive as far as if you touch the bulb, need to heat up, and beam pattern is sub par.


Product Impression:

Package: Very well packaged and box design. The decals inside are also a plus.

Brightness: Brightness is super important as that's the main reason for upgrading the bulbs, LASFIT bulbs are super bright. 

Beam pattern: Beam pattern is important important because you don't want the light to be scattered everywhere and actually making it harder to see or blinding to oncoming drivers. 

Installation: Installation should be simple and require minimal to no modification. Typically, LASFIT bulbs are plug and play.


LED Lights Overview:

High luminous efficiency: LS plus series H7 are stylish to stay the consitently bright output in 36 watts per bulb.

Instant lighting for any conditions: you will get instant lighting for any conditions with the design of  copper substrates.

More powerful: They have 40mm dual ball design cooling fan in each bulb to support the high powerful output and long-time driving.


Real World Test:

The first thing I do in every vehicle is swap all the halogens to LEDs. Super simple installs, super bright, long lasting.



Personal Thoughts:

Those are freaking bright. They are definitely better than the halogens as always. Lasfit👍


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