Equip my 2019 Rogue Sport with Lasfit Floor Mats

by Lasfit Official July 08, 2022

Equip my 2019 Rogue Sport with Lasfit Floor Mats

*This article was originally created by Dan. Many thanks to him for sharing such great content with us!

Product:  Nissan Rogue 2014-2020 Custom Floor Mats
Vehicle: 2019 Nissan Rogue SV

Why I Need All-weather Floor Mats.

The reasoning behind my need of new floor mats were that the floor mats I had were carpet mats which definitely wasn’t for me, since I work in landscaping. And I was so tired of my car mats looking so dirty and constantly deep cleaning every time. When you have kids you will understand how messy it can get. I also didn’t want to get weather tech floor mats since they didn’t look nice in my car, then I found Lasfit floor mats while searching for all weather floor mates on Google. 

My First Impression of Lasfit Floor Mats.

I purchased this at first being a little skeptical about the quality and fit. I went ahead and purchased it and have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product. I loved the quality of the mats and also the design! Packaging was very modern and easy to handle. Floor mats came will packaged and looked great right out of the box. They looked even better once installed and the precision fit was impressive.

Are Lasfit Floor Mats Worth It?

 I'm actually quite satisfied with the fitment of the floor mats but there is some very small gaps but I would say the floor mats protect 99% of my carpet. The soft and welcoming texture and touch was not expected due to the durability of the product, but there it was. The mats are soft and easy going on your feet but durable and good protection. 

I drive my personal vehicle a good amount on the installation and not always in the best weather conditions, that’s a challenge of its own. But the floor mats keep the interior of my car protected and clean. Mud, dirt, snow, water… are all no match for the floor mats.

As for cleaning, I give them a good shake and a hose down once a month. Takes about as long as it takes to order a cup of coffee at a Dunkin Donuts (about 10 mins).

Top 3 points I like Lasfit floor mats are: the level of protection against dirt, mud, & liquids. the very slick nice look of the mats, and also the fitment of them.

How the Floor Mats Look Like in Nissan Rogue.




Product Specs:

  • Fits for Nissan Rogue 2014-2020
  • Material: 100% Brand-new Thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE)
  • Touch: Soft and Flex Tough
  • Type: Custom Made
  • Safety Certification: Non-toxic. BPA Free. Contains no latex, cadmium, lead, or any harmful PVC’s.
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Color: Black
  • Package Includes: 1st & 2nd Row Floor Mats
  • Package Dimensions: 30 * 22 * 5 inches
  • Production technology: Injection molded (not press molded)
  • Quality Standard: ISO 9001
  • Environmental Standard: ISO 14001

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