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Ditch Your OEM HID Bulbs For The Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED Bulbs: The Simplest HID To LED Conversion Kit

by Lasift Official June 25, 2019

upgrade hid to LASFIT led

Many people might see the new Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulb, and assume it’s nothing extraordinary. They assume it’s just another LED product on the market. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually the world’s first of its kind.

It was created to do something different. There are zero LED bulbs out on the market that can seamlessly replace OEM HID units. It’s a difficult challenge, and not something many brands want to take the time to resolve. Of course, Lasfit decided to do the right thing and figure it out.

In our older model of LED bulbs, used to replace OEM HID bulbs, you had to cut and splice wires in order to power our LED bulb. It required some work to get installed. By work, we mean cutting and splicing wires, because LED bulb replacements don’t come with massive external ballasts identical to the OEM HID units. So, it was never a direct fit or plug n’ play deal. We know that cutting and splicing wires is a headache, and sometimes requires professional help, so we wanted to get rid of that requirement forever.

We wanted to create an HID to LED bulb conversion kit that required a simple plug n’ play installation. With the proper research and development, we knew it was completely possible. Here’s what we ended up creating.

We came up with the Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 which has an external driver that’s the identical shape as the HID bulb external ballast. That means it’s a direct fit with zero issues. All you need to do is remove the 3 screws on the HID ballast and screw-on the LED bulb driver. It’s that simple. No cutting, splicing wires, or any other hassles. Plug it in and it will work.

hid ballast and driver for plug for plug

We resolved the issue of getting the LED bulb simple, and adequate power.

The Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulb has many other advantages going for it, such as the Lasfit warranty. We all know the lifespans of HID units are not impressively long. Knowing that, what could be better than switching out your HID bulbs for some LED bulbs?

Lasfit offers a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 2 Year Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty. Why is this so important? Well, let’s begin with the fact that to replace your OEM HID bulbs requires you to remove your front bumper and entire assembly. That’s a time consuming project.

Since the HID bulb and ballast are separate units, it’s very common for the HID bulb and ballast to go bad at separate times. They rarely go bad together. And, since they’re expensive, it’s not likely that you’ll be willing to replace the HID bulb and ballast, on both sides, at the same time.

when do you should replace new HID headlight

What ends up happening, far too many times, is that the bumper and assemblies are frequently being removed and re-installed, and sometimes only a few months apart from each occasion. Why? Because you might get a bad ballast today, later down the road the other side goes bad, then two months later a HID bulb could go bad. It’s unpredictable, a massive inconvenience, because there are many separate parts involved.

The Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 has an incredible advantage in this area. Since our LED bulb and driver are considered one piece, once a bulb is dead/ burnt out, we replace it with an entirely new set. That means you don’t have to remove the front bumper and light assemblies multiple times per year. If you choose the Lasfit LED bulbs, you’ll be able to completely install both sides at the same time. This saves you time, and makes the installation a whole lot easier.

Beam pattern adjustments are another area where the Lasfit LED units can easily outshine the competition. New HID bulbs in a light housing need to be readjusted for optimized light output. That’s always the goal and the sole reason for switching out your bulbs.

Sometimes the bulbs are too high, and can't reach the correct position no matter how long you try to get it perfect. That’s one of the main benefits of using the Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulbs on your vehicle. If you install them on a vehicle, from the list of known vehicles our LED bulb fits, then you are guaranteed a strong beam pattern. You don’t have to deal with the headache of adjusting and trying to figure out how to get the best beam pattern possible without blinding oncoming traffic. We did the research and development for you, so you can simply drive with minimal issues.

These are some reasons why the Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulb stands out from the competition. If you want the newest and greatest product on the market, then the Lasfit Pro-IN-D2 LED bulb conversion kit is the best choice.

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