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The Bulbs Couldn't Light up? One Thing You Must Know before Installing the LED Light Bulbs.

by Lasift Official August 11, 2017

The Bulbs Couldn't Light up? One Thing You Must Know before Installing the LED Light Bulbs.

Last month, our customer Jesus purchased a pair of 9006 bulbs for the low forward lighting on his 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0.

Several days later, he came back and told us the bulbs were perfect condition but didn’t work, he was quite upset as he already paid the mechanic to install them, so he thought the lights were defective and demanded a refund.

We have heard of this issue since we started our business on LED bulbs, the lights are not defective. It is because the positive and negative prongs are opposite to what the car prongs are, all you need to do is reverse the polarity and the bulbs will light up.

This customer followed our instruction to reverse the polarity, and the problem solved, he also left good feedback for us.

So if the same thing happens on your LED bulbs, please reverse the polarity to make the bulbs work.

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Tim Schaeffer

July 19, 2023

Bought the 3157-AW60-SA switch backs for my 94 S10 turn signals and they don’t "blink when energized.
One makes the truck indicate the bulb is bad and I’ve switched it out with a new one.


April 19, 2023

I replaced passenger side did not come on. Think bad bulb. Got some new ones. Went to the store looked up at reflection at store it was working. Comment please


March 08, 2023

I bought the switchback t-series for my Chevy Colorado and the amber lights work fine but the daytime running lights aren’t working at all and it’s the opposite when I switch the bulbs 180 degrees


March 04, 2023

Mine were working fine. Then off all of a sudden. Just the fans turns on and no light. $99 pair of fogs light that work for a month and then are defective


February 05, 2023

Mine wont light up , flipped them twice on my 2023 f150

Noah Kingan

October 08, 2022

Hello! I love the product and the community behind lasfit, just installed my first set and the prongs needed flipped to change polarity so reading this made me giggle cuz before I noticed the +- I thought they were ineffective bulbs as well… would love to partner up and possibly help advertise to everyone I know to purchase your bulbs is there any “sponsorship deals” you guys offer?

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