Are you still afflictive there is no suitable LED light for your halogen bulb H7 with a adapter clip?

H7 headlight bulb are mostly used on Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, VW vehicles, which factory headlights are halogen bulbs, neither HID nor LED.


Here, we share our customer Mr. Steven’s experience with you.

Mr. Steven has bought a pair of LED bulbs H7 installed on his 2007 BMW E60 530xi.


I know quite a few of you were curious as to how new led lights would turn out

Unfortunately, these LED bulbs H7 didn’t fit his car.

Even though he checked his manual that his factory high beam and low beam bulb size both are H7 before purchase.

Here are photos of his factory halogen bulbs

This factory halogen bulb H7 is different from normal H7 bulb, there is a metal adapter clip to hold the halogen bulb and factory plug.


Above LASFIT LED bulbs fit the normal halogen bulb H7 only, without adapter holder.

For this special case, LASFIT designed a new LED bulb H7, which is specialized for this type.

However, there are several different adapters clip for H7

If your factory halogen bulb H7 also comes with a retainer holder clip, but it is not same with Mr. Steven’s, please contact LASFIT service to get professional support before purchase. More photos and information about your vehicle will be appreciated.

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